SGG please redraw Clarissa before release!

SGG if you’re listening or anyone can tip them with this: please redraw Clarissa before release! The unreleased pics of her don’t look at all like a 5* hero. Just compare the beta pictures of her to Seshat or Marjana, for example. The artwork is easily one of the worst in game, hands down. Almost as bad as Tiburtus.

Who’s with me?

Since no one who is not in beta has been legally allowed to see the hero design most of us cannot comment either way. This should be a beta discussion.


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Your powers are needed to move this post please.


Her avatar preview is visible in the current Path of Valor.


Riiight. So a head shot makes her all bad …

At the very least this should be in the Beta Beat Clarissa discussion.


Hi, this cannot be moved under Beta category as the OP is not in beta. I think we can keep it here for now.


So OP hasn’t actually seen the full artwork then. Sigh.

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What was the motivation for the post then?

By the title alone you would assume this is someone in Beta?

Am I just being blonde now? (No offence to my blonde buds and babes)


Don’t need to be in beta, you just have to google her.


I Googled her because I was curious and I don’t see what is wrong and makes her NOT look like a 5*
What does a 5* NEED to look like? Does the character design have to have lots of armour and weaponry? For me that isn’t a definition of a 5*.

Could she be related to Aife…

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Uff I had yet to look at that Avatar but if it’s any indication of what’s coming, yikes OP Is right.

It’s weird not long ago the best artwork from this game was released (Norns) and now the last two Hotm have been so weak.

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Why come in to comment on her appearance if you haven’t seen it? Google her if you haven’t then share your thoughts please. @notyou87, I suppose it comes down to coolness. The higher up, the stronger/cooler/more detailed/beautiful? I don’t know, and I don’t think it needs a clear definition, she just looks very meh to me. Dispropotunate and forgettable.
Also, the point wasn’t the 5* per se, the artwork would look ugly for a 3* imo.

Thank you, yes! (Although I do kinda like Telluria)

I was counting Malosi and Clarissa as the “last two Hotm”. I guess I was somewhat living in the future;)

Telluria is fine

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I posted a pic of her before this post but it was taken down, because no beta pics are allowed on the forum. Google her, full pic comes up, not just the avatar. And that you can see on the PoV as well as was mentioned.

She hasn’t been released yet so any discussion here beyond the head shot is irrelevant at this point. Google all you want but anything you find is breaking the beta TOS, as is discussing such here.


The headshot is enough.
Googling is anyone’s right and there isn’t much else that needs to discuss or disclose other than the artwork truly is bad. Feedback on that should only be valued. And like I said, the avatar is bad enough if you cannot comment on anything else or google.

Of course, I suppose changes are possible (even without this petition here to make them), but previous HOTM’s have pretty much looked like the (leaked?) pictures before release.

The one thing everyone seems to forget is that with the constant stream of wanting MORE heroes “NOW” (asap), means they are always going to be “rushed” and not as much time put into them, which means they won’t be as detailed etc as you/others would want.

So it’s basically either:

  1. Keep them as they are and continue as is,or
  2. Don’t have lots of new heroes in short amounts of time, and allow the designers to have more time to think of better concepts and then put them into amazing and finer details.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not a huge fan of the fact they are looking very “cartoonish” but I do understand the “why”, as stated above.

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Aesthetics are to the eye of the beholder. :man_shrugging:


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