SGG, please give us another base - and delay s4 a bit

in 2020 we’ve seen:

  • s3 being buffed all over, making them a powercreep over most other available heroes
  • ToL for a chance at a past hero, but they are becoming less relevant
  • ninja tower and ninja heroes, who might even be better than s3
  • base introduction of hero academy

short of it all: it started moving fast! Especially for free and cheap players, playing catch-up is becoming a more tideous task. And you don’t want to lose these players.

So I came up with this idea last week:

  • completing s3 or s3 hard unlocks Asgard
  • Asgard can be switched from your stronghold and acts as a 2nd outpost
  • This place allows for building more farms, storage and forges to convert!
  • maybe there are some new buildings. Most notable ideas for me are:
    – Hero storage: a building which gives you +max hero storage in your roster while active
    – Treasure hunting grounds : This could have some useless traits but most notable would be the ability to send recruits or heroes (consuming them) to attack Atlantis. This would give you a 5* hero as spoils, with the traditional 5% chance at an Atlantis 5* hero
    Only AFTER all this, s4 is ready to go.

This gives all players an incentive to keep playing for a keep up mechanic, or widening their roster, before the s4 heroes start to dominate the leaderboards

20 interesting ideas that I need to process first.

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i agree 100percent, too much Love oops heroes will kill you…think 4th season just release heroes for the challenge event which all of them have been outdated…League of villain is cool…