SGG - No emblem offer please!

Please, for gods sake, give us no offers for emblems. No, nada, njet, niente, nix --> Only some daily emblems (Vision, Raid-Chest, Titan Loot) and on different events.
We need some balance - with emblem offers you destroy that completely!
SGG be aware, do not make that big mistake.


I’m looking forward to seeing them in offers so I can level classes faster


They’re already in offers


That’s not in the game right now

But they have to keep the whales happy…screw the rest of us players that can’t afford a mortgage payment a month just to have the new flashy heroes or play with the new flashy toys

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How good for me(and many F2P), they cost only 350 gems :slight_smile:


Every player see a different offer.
It’s probably because all the offer start and circle the same way, but every player start in a different time.

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Yes it is lol. That is live game. Not beta.

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Are people gonna but that garbage?

30 emblems for 350 gems, that’s a month of grinding for average f2p players

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I didnt make the offer but I’m guessing yes people will buy it.

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It is over, lets draw our credit cards!
Offers are available!
Let the rich be rich while the poor watch them get everything and rise on the leaderboards.

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Time to get competitive again, and for that you will need to spend money. All you have spent is not enough!


The emblems seem to have the same drop rate as gems. Small sample of course. Will probably have the same price :(. We’ll have to wait and see.

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Eh honestly the sale of emblems wont change much outside of the top alliances. Do i like it? No.

But even if they’re only offered through gameplay rewards, will it give me a bigger chance to be competitive without spending an arm and a leg than the chance i have now? No

I’m maxing my 13th 5*. Players in cp and 7d already have over 30 maxed 5s. Heavy spenders already have more maxed 5s than me in less time than I’ve put in. And i was a regular spender.

So for me personally, it has no effect either way :man_shrugging:


I’ll be looking for it then :slight_smile:

So it takes 1500 emblems to get a 5* to 5+20.
30 emblems for 350 gems means each emblem costs $0.116 US.
So bringing a 5* to 5+20 would cost $175 US.

That’s steep for me, but given the number of players who spent $2500 for a set of level 30 troops I’m sure some will buy every emblem that appears in the store.


Want a cookie?

29 characters

How many gems for the cookie?


Like i said “for me personally” the purchase of emblems will have no effect.

I’ve quit spending. I will always be behind and I’m ok with that. Much better things i can buy with the money other players spend. I’m not poor but I’m not rich either. Even if i had thousands of dollars laying around, i can think of at least 1k better ways to spend it than on a video game

In theory: it would be great if we all had to grind the same amount to get all the perks in the game

Reality of it: if you want an advantage, you have to pay for it, or else people would just not spend

Sucks and I’ve complained 9999999999 times about it, but that’s just the way the game has been headed

I’m curious about where all of these “dont make the emblems available for purchase” ranters were at least a month ago when i first mentioned it(i actually think i first mentioned it in october, but don’t feel like finding proof)

It was a dead issue then and i was just some cheap player trying to catch up to the tops without spending like they do(that’s been the general consensus about me even before i quit spending)

But now all the sudden this is a big issue

Beta testers kept quiet about emblems being available for purchase. Spenders, f2p, c2p, everyone. And now when I’m ready to just accept the fact that this is the way things are, everyone else wants to be up in arms about it.

Funny how this community works


Not on my end…hasn’t shown up yet

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