SGG is doing great job with

Yeah, it definitely applies. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: :slight_smile:

Eg.1 I pulled Sartana not long after ascending Obakan out of desperation

Eg.2 Whenever I hoard tokens for pulls, I rarely pull the hero I am after. I usually pull a good hero on a single pull…

I agree that hoarding your mats is often the better strategy. This is my inventory:

For the record, I have 22 maxed 5* heroes.

The only 5* I’m about to give mats to are Norns (I’m still leveling them up). My other options are first Thorne/Obakan/Horghall/Elkanen or a duplicate hero. Once I have 18+ mats I may max one of these but for now, I’m saving my mats.

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Dupe Joon or Lianna is good, especially with costumes.

The only 5* costume I have is Elena’s (but don’t have the original hero). The duplicate Joon and Lianna are at 3-70 but I’m not going to ascend them (at least for now).

They’re doing a great job for SGG’s coffers. If you want to leave a pile of 4* mats lying around, that’s your prerogative. But for everyone else, there’s a permanent shortage of everything in this game.

Want some powerful heroes? Sorry, only a 5% chance of getting a Legendary from your TC 20 after 2 days, and even then there’s a good chance they’ll be a dupe or useless.

So you managed to get a good legendary hero? Okay, you’ll need 8 unfarmable 3* mats and 8 unfarmable 4* mats (6 class-specific, 1 Damascus Blade, 1 Tome of Tactics) to maximize them, plus a metric buttload of hams.

Want to upgrade your players faster, by training common and uncommon heroes at TC2? Better have enough backpacks, neener neener.

Want to get some good battle items to support your team? Good luck getting hardwood lumber, which you’ll need for both axe attacks and dragon attacks. Or midnight roots, which you’ll need for bomb attacks and, inexplicably, both mana potions and super mana potions.

As a special bonus, you can announce a new endgame feature and then take 2+ years to release it, only for everyone to find out it completely sucks.

Yes, great job.


It was like 5-6* Titans in my first kinda training alliance and it’s 10* Titans in my current alliance

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You forgot the gloves and compass.

Lol , what do you suggest so? I think its a good idea indeed to not waste valuable mats in suboptimal heroes.(eventually you wont be hoarding mats forever but its a good idea to wait a little bit if you know you dont have a good candidate to use the mats on)

I have a grimble sitting in 1/1 since December . Following your strategy and if were spent my tabards on him today i couldnt be enjoying my maxed ursena

Hoarding is not a bad virtue,…saving for the raining day…

I have to ask, because I’m curious… Why have you chosen to not use any 4* mats or emblems?

Because I like playing with all of my heroes.

& Cuz it’s completely unnecessary; I’ve been able to complete, and even excel, at most things in-game [without em] (including Atlantis & Valhalla hard mode, all seasonal and challenge event quests, trials, etc). Top 1%-5% in all tourneys (including 5* ones), regularly score in the 200s in war, as long as I use halfway decent items I can score well vs 13* titans, and can place high enough in events for flasks and EHTs :blush:

  • It makes the game more challenging. Everyone’s always complaining about not enough difficulty, well, solved that. Also always complaining about not enough mats, or how they can’t use their heroes sitting at 3/70 - solved that. Can decide who’s good for myself without any [later] regrets of using hard to obtain materials, when someone newer or better comes out - so solved that as well.

I’ve got 135 heroes (and counting) at 70 (+ all of the 3* maxed). I won’t stop till I run out of compasses :grin:


Got a pic of your emblems

I am getting sooooo frustrated lately. I have one 5* hero sitting at 70 because I haven’t seen a warm coat for close to six weeks. So NO distribution is not good.


Yeahhhh I’m gonna have to say no, the mat distribution is not great.

Of course individual results do vary, you might get more mats if you’re killing 14* titans or scoring high on this or buying that, etc. I’m not going to personally insult anyone just because they’ve been luckier than I have, or whatever means they used to get their mats. Just that there are still a lot of us that don’t have the mats we need, and usually have to wait months to get them.

So not a fan, personally. :man_shrugging:


Fair enough.
My apologies to @Linguini. I was unnecessarily rude.
Just wanted to appoint that I think is wrong (?) not to max and use some good cards waiting for the best ones.
But, as stated above, there are different play styles.


Sure! :blush:

Not looking to derail this thread anymore than I maybe already have :sweat_smile: but since we’re talking item distribution I’m hoping this is close enough where I can share:

So still a ways away from being able to bring two 5* teams to +20 :sweat_smile: (but I also don’t purchase emblems)


Wow that’s insane! :astonished: :astonished: :astonished: :astonished: :crazy_face:

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I’ve been playing since last October, my only fully ascended 5* are Panther, Telluria, Vela, and I have 10 more heroes on the bench.

Not sure if I’m just unlucky with mats or if it’s intended by SGG, but saying they do a great job on mats distribution is a bit of a sarcastic statement in my opinion.


That’s alright, I don’t hold any kind of grudge :beers:


I have to say @RandaPandah beat me in hoarding contest

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