SGG is doing great job with

I think SGG is doing a great job with 4* AM distribution. Would you agree? Double digits on each :partying_face:

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I guess you haven’t ascended any 5* heroes yet. :rofl:
And to answer you question, I will say: “No, they don’t “ :crazy_face:


This feels like a post for the outrageous bragging thread…


I have full 5* rainbow team ascended, but after newbie mistake made I have decided to ascend legendary hero after proper evaluation only

Meaning I have multiple candidates sitting at 3.70 which resulted what you can observe on screenshot


Smart! Too many race to ascend what that have, then complain about drop rates. Plenty of events throughout the year to gain AMs. Not plentiful - but enough.


No, you have no idea how to play, that’s all. Even a very bad hero can be used eventually. A stored Damascus Blade does absolutely nothing.


I don’t really see the point of having your legendary heroes sitting at 3/70 while your AMs are collecting dust in your inventory. It’s well known that most of the legendary heroes are not so useful unless fully ascended. :woman_shrugging:


For all we know, you buy 30 dollar pack and 100 dollar pack to get them. Good job wasting money.

Alright guys let’s chill out with all of the criticisms. We have enough negativity just about everywhere else [on this forum], so I see no need to berate a fellow player, and bring it [negativity] on their post, too. As even though this post seems more belonging to the “humble brag” thread (as it’s not conducive for discussion), clearly the OP wanted to share something positive [about their experience], and that shouldn’t be mocked.

For what it’s worth, I’ve been playing this game for a very long time and I’ve never used any 4* mats or emblems. Just the way that I choose to play, and I enjoy it. Nothing wrong with that [to me].

This game has no perfect one-size-fits-all; some choose to play, or use their resources, differently than most, and if they enjoy it? More power to them (in my humble opinion). Doesn’t affect you one bit, so why bother?

Anyway, to be on topic, I’ll share my collection of 4* mats [that I’ve amounted] over the course of my E&P experience

My distribution isn’t too bad, either - thankfully


1,000% totally agree @RandaPanduh.


Lol this makes me laugh. Come on guys, have an open mind.

As an FTP myself, hoarding mats is an ESSENTIAL strategy. Of course it depends.

You don’t ascend just about anyone - you ask the following questions:

  1. Will this hero benefit me right now?

  2. How likely is it that I will pull another better hero?

If the answer to 2 is not likely, chances are you will ascend an existing hero.

There is no harm in waiting if your play style is to wait. And if you have patience.

On the other hand if you’ve been waiting a while and nothing has come your way, you should probably ascend an existing hero.

Hoarding mats + TC11 + TC20 storage strategy means that when the right hero comes along you can basically level them up instantly in half a day.

I levelled Telluria in about 3/4 of a day and Clarissa in half a day.


I completely agree with you here…but if you aren’t planing on giving the 4* mats to fully ascend a legendary hero why waste the other materials, feeders and ham just to have the hero sitting at 3/70? Instead you can use all that to level up a 4* hero which can and probably be a lot better and be used a lot more than a 5* at 3/70… like raids, wars tournaments, events etc.,
That’s just my opinion. :crazy_face:

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Yes I agree, I think that’s true.

To be honest in my early days I had Quintus at 3-70 because I didn’t know any better, but in hindsight he could have just sat at 2-60. He’s just a waste of space at the moment!

There are others on the forum though who teach that you won’t know if you want to ascend someone unless you trial run them at 3-70. So there is that approach too.

If you are like me and heroes are hard to come by, the mats for 4* heroes are in abundance lol

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I’ve actually found a lot of my 3/70’s to be quite useful! To be completely honest, I use them more often than my 4/70 4*, as there’s way more diversity [in their skills] (+ they’re usually more fun to play with, too)

However, when it comes to players that are not myself, I would always advise someone to level their 4* to 4/70 - especially the amazing ones - before ever taking a 5* to 3/70, as 9/10 they’ll better help [in the long run] while waiting for 4* mats to drop (as they have better stats ie better for tile damage and survivability, and cover most of the important skills such as healing, cleansing, dispel, attack up and defense down)

So it really depends on where the OP is at. Some don’t even know that about 4/70 4* vs 3/70 5*. Some maybe just don’t care, and like leveling and/or playing with 5* more. Then there are those that maybe already have a bunch of 4* maxed, and have nothing useful left to level [there] - so instead, they’re leveling heroes to figure out what their bench would benefit from most (when it comes to 5*)

Can’t speak for the OP tho, that’s just my 2¢

Well, thanks for defending me @RandaPanduh and @FrenziedEye

I have plenty of 4 stars ascended - they are basically my main firepower and I really enjoy them, so whenever the question is between ascending mediocre legendary or awesome epic hero I always lean towards the epic one

Also running tc20 (x3 at some point) gave me majority of my legendaries so I am pretty happy to wait for wanted classic hero (Joon, Vivi) instead of ascending second Leo or first Justice


I did a mistake ascending Thorne one day and getting Vela from free token pull the other day, so I promised myself never ever

Back to the topic, the major changes for me were: mystic vision, pov and better alliance with consistent Titan kill and war victories - all of this at some point gave me 4* AMs

What * titans are you guys fighting? & What were you fighting before you found this current alliance?

Curious, as I’d confidently say that titans are the #1 source for getting mats [on a consistent basis]. So making a jump up to 9*+ can affect your mat intake quite a bit (in order to get those three mat rolls)

So for me, that’s been my main source. MV doesn’t like me :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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I have 2 Damascus blades and 13 tome of tactics. So at least from my perspective, they failed big time in doing a good job.

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I believe in Murphy’s Law. If I ascend Quintus now, I’m guaranteed to get the perfect PURPLE HOTM right after :grin: