SGG is a nice company!

Come on, we see a lot of blames and complains. Lets be positive and look at the bright side of the coin: SGG is a nice company, truely.
Having 50 heros in the bench, waiting for mats to ascend. More pulls? Nope. Save your money. Great :+1:!
Shorten AR? Great, spend less time in the game.
Agree? No kidding.


the air is THICK with sarcasm cascading off of this post and I adore you for it! :heart::heart::heart::heart::two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts::two_hearts:


I already made a thread long ago with things that are nice in the game

and we also got the Petri day

Both relay to your thread @robin102


merge @zephyr1?

Dont make me let the cat outta the drawer…


Yes, I too sense sarcasm here. And it’s justified. The odds of pulling decent heroes or unfarmable ascension materials to finish them are terribad, unless you’re willing to wait 5 years or spend ungodly sums of money. I think it’s maybe just a tad bit unrealistic for them to expect the average player to spend $100+ a month on a mobile game (or quite honestly, any game for that matter, even AAA “Top Bestseller” titles aren’t worth that much)

But, counterpoint… I’m not 100% convinced that the people who work for SG are eeevil. They mostly seem like nice people? And they did create a fun little game.

Now, whoever is in charge of setting the loot tables and pull rate odds and AR duration schedules, etc., should probably be called in to a staff meeting to discuss whether or not they actually believe it’s a good long term sustainable strategy to depend solely on the limitless funds of whales while pissing off the rest of the playerbase in the process… buuut I’ll leave that up to them. :grin: