SGG AMA (3/19) Discussion—The Community

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22. Do you have any plans to address negativity about the game amongst the player community?

23. There are certain things that come up over and over again on the Forum. The times that one of you comes in and gives a clear statement can often just resolve it. It seem like there are a lot of opportunities where a single, clear answer can end a lot of frustration, speculation, and debate. Is there an opportunity for staff to be more proactive about that?

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I was very happy to read the whole interview, amongst all the things that striked me i loved hearing about how they are addressing positivity and longevity of the game. It shows how they are listening, yes we have many players that complain and complain, we all should state our issues with the game, but also provide feedback on improving.
Thank you SG, seems you are on a good track, good to know that you developers do play the game! Yes and yes to using old heroes to create a new one, and please no ‘chance to create’, give us a ‘guaranteed chance to create’!
Glad you addressed so many questions!


One thing we’ve been discussing to combat the negativity is to put in fun new activities for the player community. Like adding in more contests, as we did for the Second Anniversary.

If you have concrete ideas, those are welcome. We hear a need for more communication but we want more actionable ideas of what specifically SGG should do.

This is interesting. Is it a request for suggestions about more “fun new activities”? I think it is, but I might have misinterpreted the answer. Perhaps they are looking for specific suggestions about how to improve their communication.

I’m going to assume it’s a request for suggestions about more “fun new activities”. Suggestion 1: naked forum hide and seek.

Kira: Forums were always intended to be more player-to-player discussion. We are more in the role of monitoring, reading, and collecting feedback. The developers are also actively reading it and collecting feedback. You [moderators] can always reach out to us directly with issues. We will have Sneak Peeks, will update list of Frequent Requests, which is due to be updated as it’s getting old, and providing more previews.
If there are issues or good ideas, bring them to us. But the forums were always meant to be player-to-player.

This seems like a tactful way of saying, We provide the forum for players and we monitor it, but we are not going to radically increase our presence on it, so don’t expect to see us suddenly popping up to answer all your questions.

Petri: Also regarding clear violations [of forum rules], we will now take a stronger stance on enforcement. If someone is not providing anything other than negative feedback — of course, we don’t want to silence people, we want to encourage honest feedback, but if someone is too negative all the time, then we are going to take action.


Kira : That’s an important point. We want the negative criticism of the game, we can take it. We want the negative feedback; we’re never going to censor unwanted or undesirable posts from our point of view. But there’s a fine line between that and always negative, negative without providing feedback of how it should be improved.


Kira : One other thing I’d like to add on that, if you feel the Forum has become too negative, set a good example. Be a positive voice. Use your voice to lift up the community.

Behave like adults? Do we have to?

I suppose we have to.


My understanding: they would like specific, actionable recommendations on how to improve the community.

Separately from that, they are going to be doing more fun community-oriented things that people can share in and enjoy — @RakeJay @KiraSG and I have been working on one of those, which is going live next week. We might have a teaser up for it this weekend, if we can get our act together. :wink:

This may be more socially acceptable for the feline and canine forum members than the Triforce-seeking elves like me, but alright, here we go. :wastebasket::running_shirt_with_sash::shield::bow_and_arrow:

The SGG Staff actually are very present on the Forum in terms of reading and awareness — but do choose to limit their responses to allow a focus on player-to-player engagement.

It’s definitely debatable in my mind whether that’s a good choice all of the time. I said as much during the AMA, when I asked this as a follow-up question:


Where will these contests be held? Sounds like I may have already missed out on previous stuff?

SGG does giveaway contests on their Facebook Page pretty regularly, where a few random people win some gems each time.

They also did one recently for Reddit hitting 5k subs.

And there was this recently on the Forum:


I am appreciate the acceptance of negative comments. It is true, unless somebody point our mistake How the improvement is possible. I think at least Moderators understand this. So far some moderators if they don’t like the comment from player even it is true. The post removing with various reasons as off topic, against forum rules, no player should ask the action of moderator like. I request you all the moderators do not take any immediate action without reading completely

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