SGG AMA (3/19) Discussion—Summons & Ascension Items

The higher tiers definitely have considerably better chances.

But the Challenge Events currently most notably reward the top 100 players and up — that’s where mats and tokens get meaningful.

Even if only the top 10% of players got meaningful rewards, that would be tens of thousands of players — very likely over 100k, even.

That would obviously already be literally 1000 times better.


Absolutely agree, and no-one can say this is opening the floodgates as top 10% every time gives you roughly 5 5* per year (if you hit bang on the odds - according to my quick calc which could be wrong) but a step in the right direction!

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wut love to see sources where not only the big spenders make a change… like for example the monthly challenges… always the same players are in top 20… a beginner player never have even a chance to get there… but yeah i understand 10k spending or 20$ spending is a huge difference…

I agree, the Challenge Events ranking and rewards system doesn’t make much sense for the size of the player base.

For the monthly Challenge Events in particular, Tim mentioned they’ll probably look at making some adjustments to the rules and rewards when they revamp them. So it’s possible we could eventually see some improvements to that — I’m definitely hoping we will, and will certainly continue to say so at every opportunity.

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i cant complain about challenges… not hitting top spots but at least manage to sneak in top 10k… but i’m more a player that think for f2p c2p also… i know as a fresh player ( 7 months ) how hard the start can be… sow hope they make features all people have a chance even the small benches… makes it more fun for everyone and the challenge will be bigger and alot of lower people will be motivated to go :slight_smile:

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These Raid Tournaments can’t be dominated the same way the Challenge Events can. The mechanics prohibit the strategies people (like me) have used to win Challenge Events: relentless optimization through lots of replays.

Keep in mind, too, that the rules for Challenge Events are on the table as part of the refresh. My guess is that SGG didn’t intend for the Challenge Events to be played the way they are, and we’ll see something like more rounds of easier minions.


I am very interested in the idea of the stronghold or advanced TC. I like teh idea of training troops.
The one thing I dislike about the game are HOTMs. I started playing well after GM and ares and Alaise were available. So I am hoping and hoping they will be in an atlantis portal soon. I would hope they add a way to train older HOTMs. Currently I believe there are 24 HOTMs. I do not like the idea of just adding their availability to TC20 unless they lower 3* drop % considerably.

I am more in favor of having to convert a tc20 to a new building that all it can do is one thing… make old HOTMs. The current HOTMs from the past say 3 months are not available in this building. The cost per HOTM would be enormous such as max food, max iron, hundreds of backpacks swords etc and even say 100 gems The wait time would be 30 days or longer. Then every player from P2W to F2P could get these heroes eventually.

I am also disappointed from my takeaway of the AMA that season 2 heroes are also going to remain scarce. Not as scarce as HOTM but still scarce. While there arent that many, nor are all of them “I can’t live without heroes” I was hoping they might at least be added to the regular training camps after season 2 was complete.

I am also disappointed that from my takeaway they are more interested at this time and spending more energy at this time into adding new buildings, skins, and redoing old things then they are with adding actually more new content to keep a player interested in this game for the long haul. Yes the weekly raid challenge is coming, ok so thats what 5 mins a day of new content. I grant that this is a welcome new concept for me in the game, but I would like to see less effort into fixing what they may not be super happy about in the game and making more ways to tweak and upgrade and summon heroes. I would like them to put more effort into actual new content. I want more things like the raid challenge, more alliance based events, possibly a world boss, new daily events that are actually challenging and provide rewards we need,season 3 to come sooner rather than later with totally new challenges in it. I liked the special challenge stages of season 2. I want more content not more heroes there are already so many out there now. Plus tweaking them has already proved disappointing. The talent system is an interesting new concept. I admit I was disappointed by it after what a few beta players had described it to me as a way to “customize” a hero. SO I had a bias view of it when it came out. It is not a customization system just yet another way to grind out materials to level your heroes further. But at least it is something new to do and figure out in the game so its a step forward in my mind.

I started playing before the idea of HOTM was introduced and I’m a c2p player, but yet have no HOTM. They avoid me. So, yes, the only hope is for new buildings.

I’d rather have an extra building or an extra level in a Training camp. Old good 5* heroes like Joon, Isarnia or Sartana are still welcome. :slight_smile:


I think they’re working on most of what you suggested for new content. It’s just not all going to come out immediately — it’ll take several months, particularly for Season 3.

I would like to know if d blade and tome could be add in ascend pack?
After more than a year only 11 d blade for me most or thème bought in some offer rest in rare quest
I have enough mats for many Heroes and just all are block by one item

Do you mean a pack for purchase? Or that could be obtained from the Alchemy Lab or some other source?

I mean like thé rest of item in ascend pack who are sell in gem market

Ah, I see — so like having ascension materials available directly for purchase in the Shop.

From what Tim said about the limited availability of ascension materials being a game design element meant to make the game progress go slower, I doubt they’d radically increase the availability that much. But they are intending to add more and more sources of ascension materials over time — but offering them for sale wasn’t one of the ideas that Tim mentioned for that.

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In that case why the rest of mats ??? Why the poor Guy who have non Luck with ring or scope in loot could found there his Luck but no tomes and d blade

Every player has a different balance of which mats they have a lot of or need more of. It’s quite random.

I know i know i didn t Say it s unbalancing just if u have enough d blade and tomes rest u Can try to buy
Actually in game
And if u d on t have tome and d blade u cannot ascend any 5* Heroes u stay block

It’s sounds like you’re imagining they’d have offers in the Shop to fill in your gaps where you’re lacking. I can understand the logic for that, I just don’t think it’s likely based on what Tim said about their thought process on ascension materials.

I think the question is why do they offer some unfarmable mats in the shops and not others. You answered the question - those very rare 4 stars (tomes, blades) are the biggest blocking point for most people. Sure you may be shy in one color or an other, but even after getting those mats the tome and dblade will be there blocking the next. Its a design decision to slow down the massive spenders.

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Agreed, and even the ascension packs currently offered have a heavy RNG component to them, so it’s not like you can just pop into the shop and buy some Darts.

with enough money, you can get whatever you want out of it. I personally don’t think they are a good deal, but for those spending thousands a month…why let lack of darts hold you up?

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