SGG AMA (3/19) Discussion—Summons & Ascension Items

Please discusses responses to Summons & Ascension Items questions here.

2. Are there plans to add heroes (maybe Season 2 heroes once Season 3 has begun?) to TC13/TC20? Some elements have so few.

3. Do you think Summoning is the best possible game design approach to acquiring heroes, or would you consider other approaches like converting existing heroes into a new one, collecting shards for a hero, or earning increased or guaranteed odds for a good hero?

4. Why is the game designed to make it so difficult to get ascension mats? What would make you think that the drop rate was too low or too high?

Is there a variable controlling how mats drop? Like this month they might be less frequent and next month more frequent? Is there a wave of how they drop?


It is insanely fascinating to me that SG staff are anonymous among us in the game. I dearly hope I have raided them all.


Why do you think you don’t get any ascension items. :wink:


Except if one is in your alliance.

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but how would you know? (Looks around for people with a Sonya avatar…)


There is no way this will make us all totally paranoid about all our alliance members.


That’s exactly what a staff member would say.

Rumbled @Brobb


Ascension items are biggest complaint.

With war design, you need at least 30 well leveled heroes. People pay thousands upon thousands of dollars to get a nice collection of 5 star heroes. Sadly, all these efforts are hold back by ridiculously low chance of acquiring mats.

It takes a blade, a book, a compass, a glove, 8 3 star color specific items, and 6 4 star color specific items to level just one hero. Chances are you can’t get anywhere close to collect just 1 set within 2 or 3 months. How many heroes you can fully level within a year?

This is a game mostly based on board anyway, why not just let people level their heroes and have fun with it? This insanely low rate of getting ascension items may discourage lots of big spending impatient players.

At the end of the day, big spenders keep this game rolling, make them lose patience and move on to something else is bad business model.


Tim talked about wanting to increase the availability of ascension materials by continually adding new sources of them.

The most immediate of those new sources will be the Raid Tournaments, but other new sources are planned and in the works as well.


Dilemma with something like a tournament, it might be just like challenge event, while rewards are great for top 10, people with under leveled heroes have no resource to get into that top 10.

Can there be a solution for people who have done thousands of summons with 40, 50 unleveled 5 stars on their hands, then get totally discouraged by the chance of acquiring items and eventually lose interest?

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It will not be quite like that, because two things are notably different:

  1. The reward tiers are percentage based, instead of fixed size.

  2. The loot within each tier is randomized. So there’s still a possibility of getting better or worse loot in each tier, you just have higher odds of better items as you move up in ranking tiers.

Tim said they’re generally not considering solutions to that by attempting to make things “more fair” (i.e. forcing it so people with bad luck streaks would be evened out by the system) with regards to ascension mat drops — but they are planning to address that in other ways.

One is increased sources, again.

The other is potentially new ways of turning “junk” you don’t need into rarer items you do need — we may see something like that from the Alchemy Lab.


The tournament design also throws in several curveballs, like “max 2* heroes” or “max 3* heroes, no purple” where top players may be at a disadvantage. The rules are also set up so that people can’t buy unlimited retries, as you in Monthly Challenge Events.

The pace of this game is uncomfortably slow for some, but it’s clear that is by design.


This sounds like an exciting new feature. Looking forward to that.


I haven’t been around here long enough to know this for sure, but I seem to recall reading somewhere that the introduction of war chests (i.e. a new source) was used as a justification for lowering unfarmable AM drop rates in titan loots. If this was in fact the case then I will maintain a degree of skepticism about this. Also, it is notable that the only specific new source we know about will apparently require virtual spending in the form of gems in order to access.


The version of Tournaments now in beta is F2P. Yes, you can pay to continue if you’ve lost four matches, but the people at the top of the leaderboard are going to be those who didn’t lose more than four of their 20 raids.


I would like to be able to keep leveling some heros beyond their rating be it through gaining exp. As they are used in world,raids,wars etc.


Am I correct in reading this as the current beta version of raid tournaments having eliminated the gem entry fee? If so that is good to hear.

One other concern I have with the approach of using new sources rather than increasing drop rates for existing sources is that this will do more to give the appearance of increasing AM availability without actually having a significant effect if these new sources end up competing with the existing ones for resources like World Energy, which is already getting stretched pretty thin with rare quests, events and class quests.


I think that was answered:

Big thing is to make sure that the game doesn’t end too quickly.

I would think so, although it would be an even worse business model to allow them to level all their purchased heroes in a hurry, get bored and quit. Happily for your perspective, the AMA also included this nugget:

But the pace is a bit slower than we’d like. Doing well in the new Raid Tournaments [formerly called weekly raid challenges] is one of the new avenues for new mats.

So that counts as a good thing for spenders, I would think.

No. At the time, SG made it clear that Titan loot drop rates were unchanged. Some players refused to believe this, of course, presumably because they were themselves going through a dry spell. That discussion (a little heated at times, if I recall correctly) may have been what you read.


Thanks for the information. I will withdraw that particular concern then.


I’m glad they made it clearer and the conspiracy theory is ad absurdum…we’re all in the same boat :sweat_smile:


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