SGG AMA (3/19) Discussion—Recap and "Not Elsewhere Classified"

Please use this thread to talk about the Recap and any other topics about the AMA that don’t fit into one of the threads about specific areas.

We have at least four big features coming this year:

  • Challenge event update
  • Stronghold expansion/update
  • “Skins” which is far more than just swapping the looks
  • Raid Tournaments

Raid Tournaments should be live in a month or so. We want to have the other three features in beta in a few months, released within half-year. So four big things in the next 6 months, plus quality-of-life improvements and new HotMs. And these are not the last big changes for the game!


Challenge event update, eh?


I was expecting this to be a recorded session via Google Hangouts… is there no video? :roll_eyes:

There’s no recorded video for this one, possibly for a future one.

Spoiler: @Kerridoc does not have a massive Wilbur-esque mustache. Maybe in time for the next one? :face_with_monocle:


Sorry if we gave you the wrong impression. Here’s what the announcement and call for questions said:


And @RakeJay looks like he may not have started shaving yet! :wink:


@Kerridoc, I’d be careful about starting poking fun about age with a meme-savvy redditor like @RakeJay.

Pretty sure he’ll win that one. :face_with_monocle:


Thank you for the transcripts. It’s a lot of work for volunteer players, and it’s very appreciated.

It made the developers “human” and I’m so glad they play and get so frustrated by the game, too :joy:


Hey @Kerridoc, i shave… like once a week xD



…whether you need to or not. :wink:


Thank you for the write-up, it answered a lot of questions I had and some I didn’t even know I had. It is nice to see that some of the players are actually part of the discussion of what is happening and not just “Public Service Announcements”.
It would be nice to see some support characters that had abilities that would made them just as desirable as a DPS / HEAL / TANK role… Enchanter / Shaman or heroes with Aura’s which gave passive resistance / mana regen / thorns I don’t know. Could have some very interesting heroes that don’t fill your typical role in teams at the moment.


There’s a fun thread for sharing ideas about new heroes. This is the currently active one:

Put some more flesh on your ideas and post them, please. They sound fun! While I don’t know that the designers read these threads, there have been some ideas posted that are then very similar to what we see in the game (e.g. Inari’s Dodge and QoH’s Taunt).


There’s so much to discuss overall, that i must take one question at a time.

For now what i’m more glad (and more scared) is about buildings and skins.

Really glad that buildings are more or less what i had in mind, but i see behind the lines some vague and scary informations.

They talking about 5 or 6 duples of the same hero.
Not one or two. Five or six.
That makes me think you need that many duples to change it for a different hero. Easy for a 3* or so, not at all for a legendary. We will see.

Then they talk about long time to implement it.
In my ignorance, i don’t think it is a feature that require so much time. I’m afraid they are not in a rush for it and could be even longer.

Cool… and worrisome.

They suppose to help reviving old heroes and help F2P (which are the ones using them), but if skins gonna be behind a paywall (which is totally possible) it doesn’t help much them.


I think the idea of “skins” being more than just alternative hero art is promising! This brings hero rebalancing into a new light, since the “skins” will likely boost heroes even further.


They definitely haven’t decided about this, and are expecting to get a lot of feedback during beta — so speak up when the time comes. :wink:

My impression was actually that Tim and the rest of the team would like to add the new buildings and skins as quickly as possible — they’re just also in the midst of working on Season 3, new HOTM, bug fixes, and finishing up Raid Tournaments…so there are a lot of things they want to get done as quickly as possible. So it’ll just take a while for everything to come together.

One of the really interesting things I discovered from our call is that the team thinks a lot about F2P players, and that the offers are a very secondary consideration for them that doesn’t get a lot of attention.

Despite all of the commercial success and huge spending on E&P, I didn’t at all get the impression that the design process is oriented toward milking players for cash — despite what many people obviously think.

I think there will be a lot of opportunity for encouraging making sure skins are available to the players that really will need and benefit from them the most when they start entering beta, and are looking for feedback.

And Tim was also clear that the priority for skins this year is classic heroes that most need help.


Of course that could be all true, but for now i don’t want to be particulary positive or particulary pessimist about this AMA.

I see light and shadows in it, and i want to see them both.
Don’t want to be too much blinded by something that SEEMS to be good, or afraid of something that can turn for the worst.

Whatever they have in mind, beta is still there to make things better, eventually :slightly_smiling_face:


This whole AMA really solidified my connection and commitment to the game. It’s been a long time since I could say something like that. I’ve only been playing since July 2018 but have come to regard E&P quite deeply. This really helped me understand why the pace of the game is as slow as it is and I see that as a good thing. Looking forward to what is to come.


Overall it was a nice AMA session, but I’m really disappointed that very often repeated question on battle watch mode didn’t pop up…

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I would absolutely liked to have seen some discussion on event rewards and how/if it would be changed. It feels that people outside of the top 10 would receive something more than participation like rewards. Different tiers within the events stages. Based on how you place, you would take a step up or step back for the next event. Not comparing but rather using it as an example. In legendary heroes the guild is in a bracket, and each individual player is in a bracket ie. Mages, paladins, knights etc… you place high you move up and participate with other players with possibly too high team power. If that’s the case and you place low you fall back. There is balance, and less frustration with how you place and better distribution of rewards fitting your individual play ability.


SGG wanted to leave more technical questions for a future AMA we’ll hopefully have with @mhalttu.

That’s definitely a topic I’d personally hope to cover if we have the opportunity.