SG - you wish to earn MORE while providing extra fun ? REINVENT TRIALS

SG please reinvent trials!
They arent really trials and dont differ much from other stages (only hero selection).

Suggestions :

  • PALADIN trials * healing is increased*, all enemy monsters/heroes deal increased dmg with a chance of crit, when darkness falls (every other or third round)
  • ROGUE trials there is a chance each round (mini game), chamber shoots arrows (green) or fireballs (red), water (blue), rocks (yellow), poision (dark) gas at your heroes (you have around 2 seconds to recognize what the chamber will fire and you need to match the element on board to dodge attack from chamber (rogue talents also help in dodging)
  • FIGHTER trials (chances for counter attack and revives are added to each hero/ monster. Heroes (not monsters) are also revived with 33% hp (not 1hp).
  • BARBARIAN trials ( extra chance for bleeding effects and increased slash/tile dmg for everyone)
  • WIZARD trials ( mini game) Variety of buffs and ailments are randomly allocated between allies/ enemies. Matching the correct element which is chosen for that special round (every 3rd), dispells ailments from allies
  • SORCERER trials (each round , spell damage/ healing randomly fluctuates in strenght bonus/ weakened by % .

RANGER trials ( crit chance randomly fluctuates for allies/enemies each round). Allies/ enemies also get bonus dmg multiplyer if ally/enemy was taken down for next round.

DRUID trials ( all summons have increased dmg, regen effects are stronger, and minions have a chance to duplicate (like Seshat ability)


  • EACH trials has extra 2 lvls where you can raise bar, how far you wish to test yourself at the cost of gems and 1 loot ticket (example : increase enemy team power by 500 for extra 50 emblems at the cost of 50 gems . HIGH END teams can really test themselves going vs 6000 tp enemy team if they want :slight_smile: SG can also earn extra this way. (only 1 try each time per extra lvl)
  • INCLUDE into trials also HEROES from other seasons and costume chamber ones to add diversitiy
  • INCLUDE different sorts of levels (UNDERWATER, VALHALLA ROCKS, etc,…

This way, we would really look forward to such trials and chance to really test ourselves. And SG have a chance to earn extra from high end players and whales :slight_smile:

VOTE PEOPLE, comment :slight_smile:

The idea “New Trials” already exists, here:

New trials

Please vote or add to that idea there. This thread will be closed.

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