SG, you dont keep track of your deals, do you

Is this another rng feature? 2 weekend deals in a row with poison darts. You should have some kind of a rotation.

You should just pay and don’t ask / advice anything. That’s how SG works. :unamused:

I believe the Grow Your Army deals are on some sort of rotation. They always appear on a Saturday and only once a month. I think the Saturday it appears can vary between first, second and third Saturday (don’t ever recall seeing it later than that in a month) but it’s predictable monthly appearance has been core to my in-game budgeting of the past few months.

Whilst I’ve not been tracking the colour of each of these monthly deals over the long term (however July’s was a Tabbard one) I suspect there is a rotation within the Grow Your Army deals.

So whilst I think there is a rotation going for the Grow Your Army deal, I have no idea about the other flash deals like the Vivica one that was coincidentally recent however given how similar it is to past deals such as Offering of the Owls and Dragon Power that they haven’t just re-branded a bunch of deals that have their own much longer term cycle that because our sample size is smaller and because there’s also other flash deals that are different for different players that can confuse it. Then again given all the other tracking projects going on in the forum I wouldn’t be surprised if someone has been privately been collecting data that could shine a light on whether there is a pattern to the triple tier deals everyone sees once you control for the flash deals tailored to different people.

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