💥 SG year 2019 possible feature releases! WOW! Thoughts and Inputs - update added

How about adding a way to trade with members of your alliance whereas when you have 18 shields but no gloves and the have 18 gloves but no shields you could trade and both get what you need or trading heroes as well for those guys that have multiples of the same hero. Just a suggestion

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Let us trade materials between us that would be awesome a trading post of sorts that’s novel

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Can we get a trading post created where you can trade heroes or materials with different members of your alliance? So instead of having 16 shields and no gloves you can trade with that guy who has 16 gloves and no shields thereby getting what you need.


I already love what I see. :heart: It actually features much of the stuff I had in mind for the game for further development (skill trees, customization, buildings), I’m glad to see that apparantly the community and devs share similar thoughts.

On this occasion: what I’d also love to see is that you can create ONE special hero and “design” him to suit your playing style, so you basically make up your “mascot” and customize it & its skills etc. That would be nice.

Anyway, I would find it kind of cool if some of the new features would be linked to a special quest, where you e.g. have to free a crazy scientist who invents some of the stuff for you etc. :sweat_smile: Man, this game has so much potential. Keep it up, I’m already curious for the updates!


I’m guessing the alchemy lab is not for high ascension mats, unless it’s super expensive, 500 swords, 500 backpack, 100 dragon bones, 100 meteor fragments to make a sturdy shield. maybe two mystic rings and 500 backpacks to make one telescope. I doubt they would give us an even trade. but any options are better than no options. you can chose to do it or not do it.

Trading was extensively discussed (e.g. Trading Between Players - Please add your comments & ideas here!)

So SGG’s omission of a Trading Post or similar was not because they were unaware of the interest in trading – it’s because they’ve (apparently) decided against it. No need to bring this up again here – if you want to push for trading, please do so in the thread linked above.


Well of course it will be. We were all getting tired of spending money on the same things.


Everything sounds really cool, as long as it is accessible to all spending levels. If however, these are just more fancy toys for the 7DDs of E/P and the rest of us can’t really take advantage without taking out a second mortgage, then this stuff will just break the game. Time will tell.


I say no to this all this will encourage is alliance hopping to get items which only benefits selfish lazy people and causes a worse community divide then what we have already with this case belief that getting a “shiny” hero guarantees a win. every has to grind for the same items as everyone else.

Suggestion within the thread was that it work similar to TC20. You place in the mats, wait 2+ days, and then have a chance for the AM.


I actually hope quite the opposite. Half the fun of games like this is the grind. It takes months to get your base and buildings to 20, it takes time to max your heroes, troops, etc. I don’t think the classes should be any different. If you could max the tree in a week, what would be the fun in that?


I strongly disagree. Sometimes players spend thousands of EUR/ USD to get certain heros, tabards, telescopes. So they have 5 spare Zimkhitas, 5 spare Thornes etc. If they share this with others it wiil give additional bonus to alliances who have wealthy players among them.


The tokens give the player flexibility to upgrade what is most important to them. I, for one, will upgrade Wu first as I use him in titans and events, which is what matters most for me. The raiders will obviously upgrade their tanks first. There will always be a gap in F2P and P2W, I don’t see this changing that or making it any worse to be honest.


It’s going to be really interesting making the strategic choices about how to spend Class Emblems.

  • Suppose I have three Wizards in my war defense. Do I rebuild this defense so they span five classes, allowing me to get that team all rising quickly?
  • Or is titan damage more important? SGG withdrew 13* and 14* titans until we had the tools to kill them. Ta da! Emblems are those tools.
  • Go deep or wide? I regularly use 20 or so heroes, even outside of war, to build specialized raiding and titan teams. Do I use emblems on all of them? Or focus on the “best of breed” for each of the ten classes?

Decisions, decisions…


So I’ll leak a bit of beta content here, now that Classes are officially released:

Unlike ascension mats, in beta Emblems can be taken off one hero and given to another, at a cost. (Cost is in flux.) So you might give Emblems to a 4* hero while you’re waiting for a good 5* of the same class, then shift those from the 4* to the 5*. The reset cost is high enough you’re not going to move emblems just to optimize a raid offense, but the opportunity will allow players to shift emblems (at a cost) as their bench of heroes evolves and/or the game’s meta shifts.


Perhaps you and me are the only ones who feel this way. Honestly, if someone gifted me all the 5 star heroes fully maxed, I’d be unhappy. Where is the fun in that!


I 100% agree the grind is what makes the rewards worthwhile


@Rigs, I do see why you could think the new class system would benefit top players more, but we still don’t know exactly how emblems will be obtained (at least I don’t).

Also, glad to hear the tidbit from @Kerridoc about being able to reassign the emblems at a later time. I’m bound to make a bad choice where to use them, so very well may play hoardasaurus for a bit too. :blush:


Really, all the 2019 stuff looks great! I’m super impressed how some of the most requested features are being added.

The chef skin for Boldtusk is just plain hilarious, and can’t wait to see what else becomes available. Perhaps some modesty for Zeline? :thinking:


I think there are more people like us than you think. :slight_smile:


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