💥 SG year 2019 possible feature releases! WOW! Thoughts and Inputs - update added

Good point. I guess just another reason for me to hold off using unfarmables on heros right now

Red Queen special will obviously be…



I just hope that Talent Grid and the other things do not end up being much time consuming.

After all, this is a casual game, I don’t want to end up going to bed one hour later “working” on my heroes…

I’d love to see a Dodo hero…!!!

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My alliances are called “Down the rabbit hole…” and “The Cheshire Cat”. Needless to say, I think everyone should just let me win the new event :wink:


Maybe this - PROPOSAL - New Building: Alchemy Lab - will be implemented as Alchemy Lab?



Talent tree changes can be undone and you get a refund of most of your tokens(u lose some as part of w cost)

That’s beta rumor tho. Could change when it comes out.


Anything to keep making the game fresh. I’m looking forward to the update.


Happy to hear that you are all excited about the upcoming features! :smile:

Just wanted to point out that most of the announced content hasn’t been shared to any of our players before (no, not even beta tester, except Hero Classes; and yes, there is only one external Beta Program).


Agree those buildings looks like we
are getting a Disney world expansion


There are basically 3 possibilities:

  • activity based = you mostly get the Tokens by completing Quests, missions, etc --> this is what you probably mean by time-consuming
  • money based = you can buy them, which would even further increase the gap between F2P/C2P and the big spenders (they would have a super Guinevere then, which others have regular 4/80 Domitias and Azlars)
  • simply waiting = super boring

In my opinion game progress (no matter if you are a casual or a hardcore player) should be determined by activity and skill.

Most probably, the Token Quests are going to have several stages with increasing difficulty and increasing rewards which means that activity, skill and a good bench of heroes will determine the further progress. At least I hope so :slight_smile:

I wonder what the quests will look like. For instance if only heroes of the respective class will be allowed.


So many new things …SG braintank is even bigger than i thought…well done…2019 will be great…:grin::grin:

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I hope there will be 3s raid event. Cant wait to see my 3s get some action.


Thank you for ending one conspiracy :smiley:


What do you think about raid challange? Is this PvE or PvP designed?

I’m looking forward to hero classes! Adding an additional strategy element is much needed, can’t wait

In case there are restrictions to some or all but one hero classes in the token events, we will all have to fall back on our 3* heroes :laughing:

But just as you I really hope to see them in action more often than just once a month :slight_smile:


@TomSnow Cant stop smiling at the possibilities. In my mind, to make it fair, people who wants to take part in the event need to setup a 3s defense team before entering the arena,like separate arena from normal raid. So, only those who setup the defense can take part in the raid event.

I am excited about the Heroes academy and Alchemy lab, so curious to know what they will hold…hope new areas will be opened across the bridge.

Please let the building have real architectural look just like the existing and not this comic type in the sample picture.


Hmmmm, this will be the challenge, it shouldn’t be expected to be just easy, otherwise it will just be plain boring.


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