💥 SG year 2019 possible feature releases! WOW! Thoughts and Inputs - update added

Thoughts on the upcoming year? Looks great! :blush: :star_struck::hugs::heart_eyes:

Also this can be a good input for the features to come for SG’ devs :wink:


The year 2018 is almost coming to end and it has been quite a ride in the land of Empires & Puzzles! We would like to thank the whole community for your dedication and support. We also wanted to share some very exciting improvements we are currently cooking for the year 2019. So keep reading!

2018 saw several major additions:

  • Alliance Wars (March)
  • New Challenge Events (January: Knights of Avalon and May: Fables of Grimforest)
  • New & Updated Seasonal Events (Spring, Summer, Halloween, and Christmas)
  • Season II (Atlantis) of the Story (August)

2019 will bring even more, exciting things into the game!

Hero Classes (going live early 2019)

  • Major new feature! All fully ascended heroes can be evolved further by unlocking new Talents and stat bonuses from a Talent Grid.
  • 10 new Class Quests from which to collect the Class Emblems needed for unlocks

Hero_classes_preview.jpg482x857 337 KB

Hero_talents_preview.jpg482x854 217 KB

Weekly Raid Challenges* (*working title)

  • Brand new game mode!
  • New Raid Event every week with special rules and cool rewards!

Raid_events_preview.jpg457x813 286 KB

Details shown in the screenshot are subject to change

5th Challenge Event: Wonderland (*working title)

  • Theme : ’Wonderland’
  • 5 Heroes with all-new specials

Wonderland_preview.jpg1200x731 405 KB

Examples of Heroes and Enemies of the Wonderland Event

New Buildings

  • In 2019 we’ll be adding several new buildings as well as upgrades to many of the existing ones

Advanced_buildings_preview.jpg859x414 169 KB

Details shown in the screenshot are subject to change

Finally…Something Cool for Old Heroes

  • In 2019 we’ll be adding something new and exciting for many of the familiar heroes…stay tuned for more information next year!

Hero_versions_preview.jpg1200x707 360 KB

Details shown in the screenshot are subject to change

We hope you are as excited about these new features as we are!
Happy Holidays and Best of Luck for the New Year 2019 to all our players!

-Small Giant Games team


I’m curious about Alchemy Lab and hero Academy :thinking::thinking:


Hero academy could be linked to ‘talent’ heros’ features? hmmm
Alchemy Lab - there were some Idea requests… can’t remember what for though…


Alchemy lab I think the building has been discussed to make hero 5* increase material like tabard, telescope, tonic :thinking::thinking:


This will make the game more complex and more strategic! I LOVE IT! :star_struck:

Wont be stuck on getting all the HOTMs and be untouchable. More chances for f2p :wink:


Oh my god i want electro-Quintus.

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You talk about defense… Think about GM with increased attack what damage his special will do in 2 turns… :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


How about the chef you don’t want it too? :joy::joy:

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I wonder if there will be a possibility to respec in the tree…

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Looks like that talent grid will make maxed 5* heroes like a new class of 6*, which should kick the f2p ppl out of top global spots at least for good some months.


:rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl: yes yes i forget about GM hahahhaah

I will be observing a couple of days/weeks until i do something, after it releases… dont wanna waste something like a noob :smile:

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depends on the resources it needs… if its time/effort based is advantage to f2p :stuck_out_tongue:


Thanks to Small Giant to give us some new features for 2019. It will be interesting for sure.

I don’t know if bêta testers are allowed to tell us what level of construction are needed and wich one are required to build this new features.
I don’t have all my base maxed but with the Rudolph 's offer, I have an extra builder, like other players, so if we can know which one to focus on, it will help a lot.

Thanks in advance

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So those poor vanguards can regret their decision in silence alone :smiley:

Ty @Petri for the topic like :wink: Im so excited about whats to come! WooHoo!!! :sparkles:


This will be similar to Diablo where after lv70 max you get to upgrade the Paragon levels.


This is gonna be some expesive s*** :rofl:


I am excited, even though I do not have that strong heroes. A lot of content to make the game more fun and longer.

I hope the Raid Challenge will be accessible for newer players as well. Not like the event challenges where strong players dominate everyone else. Would be fun if it didn’t use the regular Raid energy, depending on what the challenge is about of course :wink:

About the hero talent token, I’m curious about their accessibility as well. I kind of feel it would be best if they were not-purchasable in the shop. Just another unfarmable drop, to avoid P2P issues. I also wonder about the respecialization. Hero nerf/buff or just simply not well thought of decision could ‘break’ a fully ascended hero completely. There should be a way to make changes in the talent tree to avoid such frustration.

I am only not sure about the ‘custom skins’ - too much clowny potential, as already seen for Cooktusk. Although I do hope they will create some for Santa, Buddy and Mother North as I do not want to be thrown presents by Christmas creatures in the middle of summer, that’s weak.

Anyway, great to see the game continues to develop! I love it!


That’s pretty much new even for “regular” beta tester.
Only the class thing was tested, all the other content i never saw it before.

Don’t know if there’s some “special” beta zone only few are allowed to use.


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