SG, will I ever be able to face The Great Pumpkin in an epic battle?

All throughout September I couldn’t stop seeing the cutest little ad for this game.

It wasnt as fancy as your E&P interactive ad or as flashy as your tinder-parody ad but it still was a favorite of mine. Thats because it made me think I would some day soon get to go up against a big boss jack-o-lantern.

The beginning of October has come and gone, the Halloween event has started and there are only boss Vampires for as far as the eye can see.

Dont get me wrong, I like the mini pumpkin enemies, but SG promising us an epic battle with the great pumpkin and only supplying vampire bosses is false advertising. :’( SG please give all aliances a wonderful Jack-o-Lantern Titan on Halloween :blush: Please & Thankyou


20 abcdefghigk etc…

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Rumor has it that the Great Pumpkin is a 15* titan.

I certainly do not want to face it… my heroes would only muster hits equivalent to swatting it with Linus’s blanket. Definitely not a treat!


Legend goes, The great pumpkin loves nothing more than a great sparring match, so after you defeat the great pumpkin, he respawns, rises out of his pumpkin patch, and flies through the air with his bag of 4* ascension items for all the heroes who participated.

It may be worth it :smile:


:rofl: for sure. In the same boat here. Was gonna say make a linus character to take him on with the blanket whip as a special. Either that or I’m seeing a Simpsons idea with calling Tom Turkey. :rofl:

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Lol this made me try to picture the peanuts in E&P style as adults. :crazy_face:

I failed. Lol

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If I had any sort of artistic ability I’ve got a few things running through my head. I’m sure someone out there should be able to make something up.

Any takers?

In this scenario SGG are Lucy, the offer of something interesting is the football and we, my dear fellow players, we are charlie brown.

Always swinging our foot at the ball, always hoping for the best, only for Lucy to whip it away at the last second and leaving us in the dirt looking into the sky and counting clouds :slight_smile:


Sometimes makes ya feel like a bockhead eh?

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