SG-Why don't they raise the level for Titans of 20* and Alliances with 50 Vacancy of MEMBERS?

Good morning from the General point of view.
The game is getting LIMITED and Repetitive …
Applying new heroes to old events.
Why not improve the Game Architecture.
New features. Such as Expanding Alliance vacancy through Gems from 30 to 50 Members !! 5 * troops? Heroes of Power that fight Teluria + Candle Effectively + Stronger !!

Or why not create heroes of a New Category or 2 New Colors (Pink, Orange, etc.). But, preserving the existing colors (Blue, Green, Red, Yellow, and Purple)


Private messages, adequate public chat, new S1 heroes, more plaсes for buildings… Because Goblin’s baloon, new summons and something more profitable


Mythic titans are in the Fall 2020 Sneak Peek! :fallen_leaf: and coming to beta soon according to it. Not exactly 20* titans but seems like it’s going to be different from titans in general. I’m interested to see what they will add to the game myself.

Forcing alliances to pay a gem fee just to expand and gain an advantage + introducing even stronger troops would likely make a lot of players feel like they’re being forced to spend to keep up. Which is already a general feeling in this game when you want to join or stay in high level alliances, so I personally think that introducing the above would make that feeling even worse.


I am enjoying the irony of the two title suggestions not being new features at all. Just more of the same, but bigger.

I thoroughly agree with the intent, but none of the ideas.

Expanding alliances? :-1: See Dave’s post, and also note that War matchmaking stumbles on # of members enough as it is.

Legendary Troops? :-1: Same but bigger. Also, like Epic Troops don’t take long enough to build up. Scaled the same way, FTP/CTP would be looking at the better part of a decade to fill them.

Heroes of Power that fight Telluria? :-1: Intentionally drive power inflation again? :-1::-1::-1: 'Nuff said.

New Elements? Again, I like the concept, but think of the math on matches! We already have enough terrible boards with only five colours, seven colours will make that MUCH worse. :-1:

This kind of thing is why I don’t really criticize the devs much. Coming up up with viable new features is hard, and if you listen to players too much, you get Rifts, Mega-Damage, and Titan Cyberknight Juicers. :wink: Some old school power creep for you there.

But, hey, don’t stop thinking about it! You clearly want a good game. Keep it coming! :smile:


This and this. 20 dreamy characters.


I would love to see double colors hero’s. I think it’s the next step to go but further in a future. Do not now if is neer or far future. But frank it’s a hero I support a double color on him blue green. Imagine a blue red hero to fight telly and grave duo too.

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I’m gonna bookmark this. Betcha it happens.

I know of another game with hybrid colors. The hybrid is two to four seeds (last time I saw)
“Hybrid” colors are used only for attack and characteristics.

In this case, to continue the parallel.

  • a fire and ice hero has the weaknesses of a fire only hero.
  • an ice and fire hero has the weaknesses of an ice-only hero.

they may also have the same characteristics.

@LordDust That is such an intelligent, thoughtful reply. I completely agree with the points you made. These ideas are not good for players. However, SG devs clearly want to continue to keep the game fresh and engaging, and you articulate that so well in your post!

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50 members is insane trying to fill a 30 alliance for people is a pain sometimes. Even in my alliance we change the war tank it can take up to 2 wars to get everyone with the same tank. Its running joke haha.

A game that I have abandoned for reasons of time currently has 20 types (the equivalent of colors).
I considered them too many even when they went from 5 to 10.

For matched colors, as someone has proposed, inspired by others, it can be said that the weakness is given by the main color.

for example, red is weak with blue, so heroes are too

  • Red Blue
  • red green
  • red yellow
  • purple red
  • red red (don’t ask me the meaning, they did this too)

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