SG - UNFINISHED TALES // great opportunity to give 3* and 4* TIME TO SHINE!

Unfinished tales could represent stories of less legendary (non 5*) , what they’ve been up to, when their legendary peers went on a journey we all know and play :slight_smile:

HOW to do this?

Around 30-40% of lvls in unfinished tales should be mandatory to pick 3* or 4*.


Beacuse 3* and 4* have no real place in game outside of tournaments and beginner lvl players (yeah, I know, some 4* can be used on offense and titans,…). Specific roles/ jobs should increase their value and place in game.

I would also add all common and uncommon quests to be mandatory 4* or less // 5* dont have time for that unless its 4* mat or aethers :slight_smile:

Roleplaying reason could be :

  • Area magical atmoshpere is preventing higher beings (5*) to advance (4* or less)
  • Defend land versus intruders seeking revenge (4* or lesser) // what legendaries did in past and they are not here anymore
  • diplomatic missions for epics (sent by our legendaries)
  • Secret stealth missions (only for 3*)
  • hunt for titan younglings (4* or 3*)
  • mixing with commoners to pry information (only for 3*)
  • gather resources (only for 3*, epics dont have time to do that)
  • ship boarding and attacking enemy ships (4* or less - atlantis roleplay?)


SG do this and add some life to our more common friends :slight_smile:

It’s painfully obvious that SG would rather continue creating new heroes in this overcrowded game than give the pre-existing three-star and 4-star Heroes quests and stories of their own.

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3* and 4* are too easy to get, players will not pay enough to get them.

Sorry, I fail to understand how your comment ties to few extra levels where 3* and 4* are mandatory? :slight_smile:

I don’t see the point in this. You can always choose to use 3* and 4* heroes for any level you want. There’s nothing stopping you. Season 5 actually encourages it (Look at the Crook & Flail amulet). I finished S5 normal with a team full of 3* & 4* heroes. I like using them if I’m not autofarming. Gives me a bit of a challenge. I tend to use my 5* heroes for Raids & wars mostly. Try it. Sounds like you might enjoy it

Game Well :sunglasses: :mechanical_arm: :wolf:

I think this is a great idea! SG should definitely involve 3/4* heroes more into daily game play (tournaments and challenges of course are where they shine but those more monthly and weekly things). Would make players more excited to draw heroes that aren’t 5*s too.

Got a vote from me.

I finished it with only 3* heroes. With C&F it was even easier than using 5*.

My autofarming team is also 3* only. It is strong enough for levels where I farm most often.
And without AI “help” I could do all the 3WE levels on all seasonal events with a 3* team.
I also do the rare quests with 3* heroes only.