SG to create a separate section, where you can watch unlimited commercials for bonuses to ballance the gap between f2p/c2p and p2w

It will be good to have one section how is in some other games, where you can watch many commercials and to be paid for it with gems and some food, iron and with some chance of unfarmable items. That way SG team can make some money from advertising, because I understand they need money to make all that. Everyone who wants can use it in a time which is ok for him, will not harm anyone, but will give some boost to f2p and c2p, because I dont think the big spenders will stay with their phones draining their batteries to watch commercials until morning for few gems and some other crap for them. They pay and have all they want quick, even skipping some of them the waiting time for the buildings which is huge amount of cash. The gap between f2p and c2p is huge with all the new stuff. Hopefully SG will find some balance. And one more thing… Many of the players have 2-3 alt accounts and can’t invest in all of them. I think this will give a chance to can have some stuff, resources and gems investing their time, which is the way F2p and c2p pay for the possibility to play that game and to can be concurent with the p2w players.

I’ve always supported the ability to voluntarily watch ads for rewards. It’s a win for free to play players, for sure.


So … Mystic Vision without the time delay?


No, different section somewhere as a button and maybe with some daily limit for few hours. You need some iron to start the next building, but raided, farmed, flasked and you are closer, but still you are not close enough to start it or must sleep and you decide if you give from your time to watch n-number commercials if it is so important for you or other example is to just you have some free time and nothing to do in the base and can use it if you want without pop ups and such, clicking and watching and getting some free stuff. That way you can plan when to watch and how long. You invest your time and your battery and device amortisation, lack of sleep,etc. for your progress. SG team with sure takes much for the advertising. This game I liked you can plan and the freedom to do this or that or not to do it. Also have a choice to skip the time and such for real money. I think this is the way to can invest your time for the profit of SG and for your development. Win-win for me. And in the same time feeling that gap between the players.


Yeah that seems a good idea,i support that…!!! :slight_smile:


There can be also an option built in the game, where asking you if you want to skip or do something other with gems, or you want to watch few hours of commercials… Time and money, balansing. The time is money. Real money that way for the SG and good for us.

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Make sense.

seems a good idea,i support that…!

Zynga makes less money if their ad-viewing users simply watch as many ads as possible. Zynga generates revenue by having high conversion on their ads where users a) see and ad b) download the game or app being advertised and c) complete a qualifying action (e.g. reach level 10 or spend 2 bucks, whatever). What this does is make their ad inventory (number of ad slots they sell and fill) more valuable and advertisers are more likely to spend on the ad network supporting Zynga’s games.

By limiting the ads shown in e&p, it helps improve the ad-conversion.

So unfortunately, unlike with TV commercials, simply showing ads (honestly who actually looks at the mobile game ads) isn’t sufficient.

Honestly, I think the balance between non spenders, low spenders, moderate spenders and VIP spenders is very favorable to non spenders in this game when compared with other mid-core RPGs or strategy games. The TC20 camp with free 5* heroes is a huge giveaway.

What would be interesting however would be if matchmaking weren’t based solely on team power but also based on how many HOTM (or other special 5*) you have on your roster vs the defense team you go up against. I get matched up against seven day (insert third word) and other elite alliance players all the time who supposedly have a similar team power but I mean come on, who are we kidding?