SG: Stop breaking the game!

It has gotten to the point now that I cringe every time there is an update because I wonder what SG is going to break this time around. Think about the issues involved in the last several updates: Lag times when leveling heroes, the alliance search function not working properly, the change in how unaffiliated players see alliances (they only see inactive alliances now), etc etc. Now, my titan screen is occasionally screwed up (see my post in the bugs area), the lag issue is back, my raid battles lag more and more as the battle continues, and I can’t battle on the world map anymore. The vast majority of these issues could be found by one, just ONE, simple test in the game before inflicting the update on us. I’m so sick of it!

Have you submitted a ticket for these items? I’m assuming yes, but just asking.

I just did. I’m just expressing my frustration too… Wondering if others are having the same issues.

You can use the search feature (magnifying glass at upper right) to look for conversations on these topics.

Obviously support requests are instrumental in fixing problems. :wink:

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Well, don’t mix the issues. These:

…are common for everyone.

But these:

…happen only to you and maybe a small subset of players. The issues in this last group couldn’t have been found by “just ONE, simple test in the game”.

Not particularly, especially since it was appropriately titled for the content it contained… but your post once again shows an alarming immaturity.

My post? Or what was was “alarmingly immature?”

denysys that is why he quoted him


Behave gentlemen… :wink:


hey @SamwiseTheBrave … did you tried another platform ? … i have no issues like you described … and I use pc , Ios and android … some general issues with the chat … but it was a server problem …

I’m must have missed something since I don’t get why asking to change the title os “alarmingly immature.”

Ahh, I see. I love our forums…lol

No, I have no problem with who whine in general about the game or otherwise; your behavior is something else entirely and the forum staff has seen fit to tolerate it for some unknown reason which I think is a serious mistake when it comes to managing the community.

Anyway unfortunately I can’t block your posts apparently, but I can ignore you from here on out.

Bye Felicia.

There is nothing wrong with people having a problem with the game

Even the staff wants criticisms, I don’t know why you, a player has a problem with it


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