SG stop being so lazy

Release some new heroes with Atlantis,

We’re 3 months in and you keep putting out the same 4 stars, garbage mok arr, misandra and old HOTMS, put some effort into the game, we pay for a reason

On top of that can’t even unlock all your provinces for us to play

Very lazy


Why? We’ve got Atlantis heroes plus vampires from Morlovia. Too many heroes doesn’t make sense: we can’t max existing and get used to their specials.

That is on purpose, I believe. Classical “To be continued…” :slight_smile:


I think by 2020 all atlantis land will be uncoverd
And by then more heroes will be add.
How do you think Devs could eork on all this new heroes you are requesting with out giving unstable heroes full of bugs to add to the existed ones.
The first people who will cry from new bugs are the same people who are crying for new things.

One of the main purposes of the Atlantis portal was to help players asking for another chance to get HOTM cards they missed, this is why previous HOTMs are cycled in an out. It doesnt take away from the chance of a bonus summon for a current hero of the month.

The 5 star Atlantis/S2 heroes are also cycled in and out which is why Misandra wasnt present last time but this time Tarlak is not.

Mok-ar is a newer Atlantis hero, he was only present in this atlantis event and the one before.

There’s probably no new heroes for the atlantis portal because new heroes were released for the seasonal summon instead.

You don’t have to worry that they’re going to start ignoring the Atlantis portal. Info on new atlantis legenary heores in the works are available thanks to beta testers. Three legendaries for the Sakura flower family are in the works: dark, holy, & fire. Two legendaries for the Atlantis family are also being tested: holy & nature

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You’re complaint confuses me… everything about this game requires patience: Training heroes, building, saving coins/gems, waiting for ascension materials.

If you’re getting impatient with the heroes, you’re either new to the game or you’re playing the wrong game.

I ask you this:
Do you have a full 30 hero 5* roster for wars?
Have you collected every hero attainable and trained them to full ascension?
Have you got a 3*/4*/5* team in every colour to compete in events?
Are you fighting the max level titans?
Is every one of your buildings at level 20?

If you answer yes to all of these, then I understand your frustration. I highly doubt it. There is much more to this game than new heroes all the time and I personally think SG are doing very well at keeping the majority of people engaged and entertained. I think they are being smart rather than lazy.


While i agree that atlantis portal needs more 3* and 4* heroes, i really wish Small giant do something about new buildings and new ways to have trainable heroes first.

I think too they are lazy, but only when i see they recycle zombieman villagers and exploding tiles for an event.
Fun, ok, but nothing new.


Yawn. Boring moaners yet again.

Being able to expand the empire further with new buildings would likely be a great way to increase the fun for older players

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I’m not sure how the original post could be considered “constructive criticism” as per Forum Rules.

Please keep thread constructive so it doesn’t need to close. :slight_smile:

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