SG Stingy with Ascension Items

I’ve been playing this game for a while now. Sadly, it seems that the only way to get the top Ascension items is to buy them whenever SG puts them out. Our Alliance hasn’t seen top ascension items in a couple months, other than when they purchased it through one of SG’s promos. We’re starting to see some Alliance members drop off due to being frustrated for this reason. I like some of the new things SG is doing to keep interest but they need to put a few ascension items in the Chests once in a while.


Your lament is as old as the game. See, e.g.


Did you and your alliance not complete Morlovia? It is still going on, go get those ascension items before it’s over, for free.


There are actually a lot of free ways to get the unfarmable AM. This list, from General_Confusion expands on some of the methods listed in the thread Kerridoc linked. It’s the most comprehensive I’ve seen. I’d encourage you to make the most of the free opportunities at AM that the game provides.


Hang in there! Most everyone goes through dry spells, then one will appear. I actually got a tabard from a regular monster chest, and a hidden blade from titan yesterday! A team member got 2 orbs of magic from titan today…it will happen, and as @Garanwyn pointed out, you don’t have to spend money to get them…although a fair amount of patience is a must!

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If you actually keep track of it, you would be surprised at how much you get. I tracked how many unfarmable mats I got over 3 months and I averaged 1 a day. And that was before we had war chest. I would speed up my raid chest when I had full raid energy and averaged between 3-4 wanted chest a day. This number also includes completing all challenge events and rare quest.


I think that’s so true…when I keep track, taking into account all the different ways to get the materials----it’s more than I expected.

I guess it’s human nature that we tend to remember the unlucky and disappointing results more, so that is a good way to keep perspective.


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