SG should take Corona virus seriously

Anzogh looks like he is about to sneeze - SG please apply mask on him.
If Cyprian sneezes my entire rooster will catch virus.
I hope they can special order gloves for Nordri.

I wasnt sure should i put this topic in General discussion or in Bugs and issues?


Its not funny …if it was your intention .
Coronavirus is killing people , yes like other diseases and thats why you dont make fun of that.

Is a hard time for countries and people who try to prevent It from keeping expanding


I think it was funny.

You can both care about a hard situation and find levity in a hard situation.

Deep breath. you don’t have to be offended by eeeeeeverything


Im not offended. It was not funny to me .
Not at all . Better dont perform as humorist

Lets call it Corona vent thread. No intention to minimize Corona impact. On the other hand I get really annoyed with increasing publicity for a flue. Flue jokes are OK, Corona not.

I’m not going to argue the semantics of being offended with someone who obviously is.


Dang I just came in here to say that Nordri obviously isn’t getting Fine Gloves. Perhaps thrift store gloves with a little hole in the thumb on the left hand and a split seam in the palm of the right.

But yeah, Human life is sacred. So is humor.

Isn’t laughter the best medicine? Don’t the best comedians have the most tragic lives?

Chill just a lil.


Probably needs a move to community content…

I think Corona is taken serious enough, a bit of humor, no matter if good or bad, doesn’t hurt. The only tabu for me would be, if someone makes fun about real victims on purpose who struggle with the virus. That’s not the case here.


Its not about being offended .
I said It was not funny to me .
I wont jump on the train of laughting if something doesnt seem funny for me . Despite everyone else finds It funny .

Have a good day !

Didn’t think it was funny.
Am not offended.
Have no problem with it being posted.


You know who really looks like they’re going to sneeze?



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