SG 's costumer service not working

My game suspended. I don’t know why. I sent 8 different E-mail to them. This is very rude. We spent a lot of money for game and When need them they not responding. I hope they show me really good reason to for suspend game.

I am tagging a member of the SG staff so that he can guide you better on what to do. @Petri

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Tysm @ThePirateKing . I hope he can help me

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Sending one e-mail is more than enough. Adding SEVEN more only adds to the backlog. Please understand that they likely have to reply to others before getting to yours. Hopefully your situation gets resolved, best of luck.


@WeirdJester I know u getting many mail and u will reply . My game suspended. I don’t have any info. We are member in alliances and we lost them. If game getting money in a sec, must to reply in day. I think one day too long time period.

Unfortunately Staff on the forum cannot investigate specific accounts.

Best option is to #contact-support (click the hashtag for instructions).

Note that while they have staff on call over the weekend, most of their support team do not work 24/7 so response will likely come through during their Monday Business Hours.

Hopefully they will sort it out for you but as I said, most of us on the forum here are just players & the few staff members that are here cannot investigate specific accounts. To do that, you need to create a support ticket (again, instructions available via that hashtag above).

I did 3 times. They never replied.if they reply messages why I would share here to my issue. @Petri Topics tagged contact-support



Be patient…

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