SG PR damage control proposal

If there ever was a time that SG needed to restore some faith in the community with the mass nerf/buff episode about to happen, I propose a simple solution for SG:

A one time re-offer to make up for all the mess? I know theres another thread on this about SG bringing it back, but I wanted to isolate it as a direct request from the community, in response to the current debacle going on. Maybe?

Yes FTP I know I know…but I honestly can’t think of another REASONABLE option that would make everyone somewhat happy. A WE flask won’t cut it, and a refund of mats and resources will never happen so…ya…make it happen.

If that deal happens I’ll personally pay money into your account so you can buy it.
Sadly its a f up situation sgg are in can’t make everyone happy.
Seen far too many threads on people leaving the game lately not all down to said hero. They need to make a balance.


Nah, sorry, went FTP here…

… wait a minute. That’s 3 zeros after that 6, not two. 6000 gems and 5 EHTs? For a measly $3???

Okay. Count me in. :+1:


100% agree with this. Before teltoc plz~

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double the gems, throw in 6 tonics, 6 telescopes, 2 tomes, 2 blades, 16 capes, 16 shields, and about 100 4 star trainers, and I think that’s barely enough to make up for this fiasco. Otherwise, definitely going f2p, and gonna preach the goodness about f2p to my alliance-mates and everyone else I chance upon who plays the game.

Too expensive…No thanks.

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