SG please make BEHIND THE SCENE so we'll know about you deeper

What if SG makes behind the scene video on what the company looks like, introducing all the staff, how they work everyday, how they design a new character, how the programmer / graphic designer / animators do their job, what their daily job looks like, brainstorming ideas, and everything behind the company so we will know about SG better.

Here’s what i mean, behind the scene something like this:

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This is a great idea! I’m moving it to #ideas-feature-requests so people can vote on it. :slight_smile:


Full support on this…would be awesome :grin:

unfortunatelly this means money spending from their part… and this wont get them more money (maybe if they make a commercial spot); so I wouldnt get my hopes up :confused:

Would be cool to see.

Can we have a Small Giant staff calendar, please?

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