SG- PLEASE grant us this WISHLIST for a more exciting and enjoyable experience

I didn’t realise, thank you both☺️

I would not like to see the war flags of war jumpers reasdigned to other players. This could be easily exploited: I can field 6 war tesms above TP 4000, I have additional 4 Teams for ToL ranging from 3800 to 2900 TP. Some other Players have additional teams in the same range.
I could add an alt account to our alliance before matchmaking. This account has only 1 team of TP below 2000. After matchmaking this alt account will leave the alliance and we could use 6 flags with a significantly higher teampower than the matchmaking took into account.


That actually happened to us in the war and we won, we call it tea bagging, because we were wiser and caught on, we hit there strongest first, waited for respawn, hit their strongest again, waited for respawn, then hit their strongest again, then we had to flip cause of timings, then again hit their strongest again… As a result of such tea bagging, stronger than us or not, we kicked their buts by miles.

This x1000000000000p

You see what I mean… Tea bagging is what we call it, happened again this current war

I like most of these except the team slots, but that’s more because of how I operate. I have six now (1 for experimenting with my maxed 3* and 4/5* I’m leveling, defense team, farming team, raid team, titan team, and event team). Maybe a few more teams strictly for heros I’m leveling. I like the 3*/4* hero wars with most, but I guess SG feels like they already have that covered with tournaments.

Good to see your passion for the game.

First 2 points are not so important:

  1. I find 15 team slots too much, so 50 team slots sounds absurd to me. SG 100% won’t even read that point.
  2. Alliances stuck / frozen becoz of emotional connect of player should use their intelligence, leave & make a new alliance, which is a better solution than to ask SG to solve it for you. We are not 3-4 years old…!! (don’t want to sound rude, but this is too much… to expect someone to solve an easily solvable issue by oneself)

Rest of the points are fair & I support SG consideration to improve experience of the game.

Cheers :grinning:

another thing to add to recruiting, keep the chat to the general site, every time I recruit its like a dating site on AR, so many folks on there doing everything but recruiting. Its impossible to block them all. I am all for everything you have listed with emphasis on troops, solving war jumpers, and the chatting

You and me both. Can you imagine scrolling through all of that repeatedly while levelling heroes??

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SG is together wuth Zynga and SG can Shutdown the Server whenever she wants. We need the Whales. When the Dollars rolling will the Server too, when not…

It’s an additional option, it gives freedom of an individual players choice wether they want to add more or not… But for those players that do want the choice it shouldn’t be maxed and at 15.

Me, this is just me and my personal game preference, What I find really annoying is where you can’t quickly scroll down looking for particular 3* teams for tournaments or monthly event challenges without scrolling past all the 5⭐ 4⭐ 3⭐hero’s with a load of trainer hero’s and feeders in the mix, it’s super annoying.

Team 1-6 call it your war teams
Team 7-12 4 :star2: teams
Team 13-18 3🌟 teams
Quick access and avoiding the headache strolling through all the feeders, trainers and mixed up :star:hero’s.
That’s for me would be awesome.

The option should be available there for everyone to use it but not mandatory, so if you only want 6 teams, great, 15 teams, great, 100 great fill your boots :heart_eyes:

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