SG- PLEASE grant us this WISHLIST for a more exciting and enjoyable experience

:heart:Extra team slots max is 15, please can you change this to 50?

Reason, it would be so awesome to have a huge limit where you can work on…

Main defence team
6 war teams
5 Titan teams
5* teams for tourneys
4* teams for tourneys
3* teams for tourneys
Mixed bunch family bonus teams
Teams for TOL and ninja tower

Keeps it really organised and we can plan and work on next hero’s ext.

#:heart:Clean up House

Recruitment is a total nightmare now in the game, its not fun as it used to be.

Recruitment is super boring and stagnent, far too many dead alliances,please can you auto-boot all players whom have not been active in 1 month, this will also resolve those poor alliances where a leader vanishes leaving the rest unable to leave due to being committed to each other, so a standing member then automatically becomes leader, take control, clean up house and grow their alliance.

This will also shut down dead alliances where there are a few members just stuck releasing players into the open field joining alliances where ATM there is no one to join them.

:heart:War jumpers…

Annoying… But easily resolved… The leader of the alliance can take all 6 flags and use it himself /herself OR the 6 unused flags can be discussed with the team and anyone who has a spare team for a clean up or full on attack can use an additional flag when he/she wants to.

:heart:Please Add 3* only War 4*only war additional wars in the week so that we have 2 main to fill the war chest, aka big event

And 2 smaller ones where the loot is ham, iron, titan battle items and other things we really need in the game, good rewards but not overly life changing so that where people can participate can do so, those that can’t won’t miss out on much as there is no accention materials… YEAH SURE, they get Titan battle items but those get spent so quickly in a event such as the mystic Titan and Titans ect with no guarantee of any specific rewards.

:heart:Your overall loot nerf is killing us

Unnerf loot everywhere with ham, iron, accention mats ect, the more we feel rewarded, the more we collect and build, the more rewarding it is,… The more rewarding it is, the more we will enjoy the game and spend money in pulling and collecting hero’s for fun for us to play with

I’m so bored and I can’t do nothing in the game many times as what I get in too much nerfed I have to wait days, weeks, months and loosing interest fast.

You Have released some really great new hero’s, but with the suffocating nerfing of rewards, I’ve gone from excited like I once was to now discouraged and sometimes hoping I do not get get anything as having a roster with many hero’s unable to lvl or accend is really discouraging.

#:heart:Please revisit HA, there’s some really good stuff there and some pretty awful ones.

#:heart:Add a universal Tavern Bar where players can play a tavern slot machine where they can use their access of particular resources as credit to win other resources like accention materials, UN NERFED, the sacrifice they make of spending their resources gives them a chance to win great rewards and these wins don’t have us spending hours and days and weeks waiting on them to finish, it’s super boring otherwise.

SURE, Yeah yeah I know, so the whales will buy TONS of ham, iron and materials in the shop or spend loads in loot tickets or employ people to play for them 24hr/7 when they can’t or sleeping, whatever, good for them and good for you too to fill your pockets.

#:heart: Troops

We need to be able to obtain more troops, PLEASE can you add 2 - 3 quest stages per week where we can obtain more troops OR replace some of the poor quest stages that not many bother with as the rewards are just awful, awful even for the beginners, the troops quest can consist of 2* and 3* only troops leaving 4* troops out to the portal where a 4* troop can be summoned for

I’ve been playing over 3years, my 4* troops are lvl 23, its painful and with tournaments I’d like to also have 2* and 3* nice troops too…

YEAH I KNOW, some people might say it will cause imbalance, well that’s BS to be honest,…
Last tournament, I was matched with players fully emblemed and with lvl 30 troops,… 1 guy in particular had 3xgreen hero’s, yellow and a red, all 5 hero’s were fully maxed, fully emblemed AND all 5 troops fully maxed… Yes even those three 4* green troops were lvl 30 fully maxed and he is 14 lvls below me… Yeah sure, obviously a whale, and sure its fair cause he spent 1000’s, so yeah good for him and good for you too HOWEVER I should not be matched with my 5 hero’s with maximum lvl 23 troops with a player on multiple lvl 30 troops with multiple colours, that’s not fair

So reward us more with troops, game is already unbalanced so might as well reward the community of active players to have something to build, earn and work on and have fun.

People hate S1 hero’s in portals.

Make a choice available, normal portal sommons as is


Second portal summons where it is as is BUT S1 3* & 4hero’s are replaced with 3& 4* troops, REPLACED, not in addition, this way, once a pull is made those troops if any pulled are much more useful as feeders than it is trainer hero’s, YEAH SURE, trainer hero’s lvl your hero’s quicker, but troops still always remain sitting stagnent and sad with little to no movement.

#:heart: Allow War Watchers

During war, when a team mate is about to attack an apponent, can you let any alliance members to click on that particular battle with a view live battle button so we can watch our teammates battle live, that would really be so awesome.


Refreshing and nice to see someone so passionate about the game (there are lots on the forum) but these kind of requests rarely get listened to and even if they do it’s at least a year’s wait for a minor improvement.

Because they figured it out - people spend anyway even if these things aren’t given to them


That’s true, but I hope that they do listen, I know there is tons on the forum but times have changed and the game has derailed a bit, you can sense it, feel it and see it in the game.

I do love this game but they have to do something and inject the quality and fun back, greed in the end will be their demise.

My alliance, and many others and myself included have completely stopped spending, the game is too stagnent and in need of a good quality of life injection back into it otherwise I just don’t know anymore


Now some of this really would be valuable QOL stuff


Really do with the option of more advanced buildings

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These are good and do hope at some point they will consider it at least .

Problem we got is zynga they destroyed games and suck the life out of them. So can’t see SG ever doing things to favour the players. they will keep doing changes but to favour zynga and there ever growing bank accounts.

FTP is the way forward to battling zynga and hopefully they will start to see decrease in there % if we all get involved and maybe just maybe something will happen.

Limit breaker might sound grate to a small % to the whales. but limits breaker will also break alot of players and the increase in players leaving already will rise.


I would be all for extra team slots. At least double the six I have.

As F2P I would be all for adding S2 heroes to the TC and portals as additions/replacements to the S1 heroes we keep getting all the time. Additional TC levels that add troops would also be welcome.

I would personally be less enthused about more frequent wars. Additional war rules would be welcome, but not additional time taken up with wars. Time is already at a premium in the game for me.

This would have to be an optional feature for me. Casual alliances like mine often have members who are inactive for a month or so. They are allowed to take a break and return later. We have no issue with it.


Good luck with this one.

I’d agree with you everyday, and twice on a Sunday, that the AM drop rates are awful and loosening the death grip on them would NOT harm the game balance.

However, there are plenty willing to attest that that statement is clearly false, that you only need chain 14* titan, place high in events and hey presto! It’s raining those pesky mats! :grinning:

For the vast majority though, that’s not an option, so it’s grind, grind, grind…unless you’re willing to take SG up on their copious amounts of “offers” to purchase the items in question.


I personally haven’t really noticed that the loot has been nerfed. It was just as bad when I started as it is now.


TBH I have the feeling it’s a little bit better, especially in mystic vision (available to all players).
Could be related to the new ad platform being more lucrative for SG

Just came hear to learn about some interesting ideas and possible future improvements for the game.
Instead - once again - i learned how different players’ needs are. :panda_face:

To be honest, none of the points on the OP wishlist raises my personal desire and would help bringing back more fun for me. :grimacing: Not saying, that the suggestions might not be improvements for players, they just won’t be for me personally. :man_shrugging:

I am not advocating for SG and asking for QOL improvements for a long time as well. :face_with_monocle: However, this thread gives me a hint, how difficult it might be to fulfill wishes and come up with improvements for the majority of players. Nonetheless, good luck with those ideas and might they be implemented to bring more fun and quality for some players. :vulcan_salute:

I recommend visiting “ideas” subcategory on this forum, plenty of such threads there.

Nice wishlist, good luck.

And let every 30 pull give one guaranteed 5*

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Yeah but it would not even change the odds much. Just make the game slightly more fair.

Taking the flags doesn’t cut it well. I think a player leaving an alliance without using his/her 6 flags should be punished. Like not be able to participate in next 1-3 wars for whatever the alliance it is.

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LOL that is actually better than the published odds.

That’s True but could also be very damaging… For instance, some players actually do not care how they play or not, some actually enjoy to do war abandoning as a form of rebellion for what ever reason, yeah sure, If they are banned for 3 wars awesome but it will not stop certain players using alt accounts from rejoining an alliance, all nice and perfect and the same rehappening out of spite.

Some guy with a epic defence team joined us once, quiet, participated in Titans until war, after war match making was done, nothing seemed out of the ordinary, 5 min before war started he changed his defence team to a 1* defence team, was vulgar, gave us alot of abuse then left the alliance, we reported him not only what he did with intent for war but also for the abuse, we tracked his name and he continued to be playing and SG did nothing
Infact, I reported him on the forum and I got a slap on the wrist as it wasn’t allowed… BUT this guy continues to play unpunished… So I blasted him on YouTube and everywhere else.

Even so, guy goes unpunished, if it did get bad for him as the community would have seen my video, all he could have done was change his avatar and player name and no one will be any wiser.

So punishment yes, if they were barred for 3 wars awesome, but Iit could cause a hell of alot more problems.

Best solution, if there’s a war jumper, easy, any member in the alliance can use an additional flag if he/she wants to and has a good chance to and spend all 6 flags, it can be 1 member or 3 members or 6 different members.

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PS: I don’t know how I got a cake next to my name, but I thank you All moderators graciously for that little gift, it’s much appreciated :love_letter:

I feel you. It’s tricky. But I see that use of extra flags overwhelming and prone to abuse. Let’s say I am capable of building 12 strong war teams while a mate can’t even do 2 properly. We could get matched and make him fly so I can easily crush the opponent so… Not a very good solution. And that’s not stopping the war jumper from doing it again neither…


Happy forumversary


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