SG, please add toughest troops in Alliance War Matchmaking

SG, please consider to add the 5 thoughest troops(or more) from each player in the Alliance War Matchmaking.
Last war we encountered an alliance who was almost evenly matched to us in war score points.
But the opponents troops where way to high in difference.
We couldn’t possible win because of it.
AKA Traggeter

It’s already a feature since September. “Alliance Wars matchmaking now takes the best troop of each element into account.”


Oh, didn’t read that part, i only thought it was the 30 best heroes from each member that counted as war matchmaking.
thx @rafalss

But then why was there a huge difference in troop levels i’m wondering?

Well, there could be many reasons. At the moment the matchmaking considers different factors like heroes, troops, previous war performances etc. to find the supposedly best match. Perhaps one alliance could be better in one area, but worse in another (in your case, worse troops). Also, as far as I know, when you’re on a win streak, then eventually you will get matched with opponents that are very tough to beat, or conversely when a strong alliance is for some reason on a lose streak, then they could get matched with a weaker opponent.

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But is looking at top 5 troops enough? Sure, we run rainbow defenses mostly, but stacked offenses. It makes a difference if someone has a deep bench of 4* troops—not as much as the top 5 troops, but somr.


Yes, That’s right. i forgot for a moment, when winning let’s say 4 in a row we get matched up against a tougher opponent.
Thanks for the reminder.

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That why i said (or more). Maybe 30 toughest troops.
Yours truly.
AKA Traggeter

This guy knows! :grin:
Color stacking against the tank is the most common tactic. I personally save 2 or 3 4* troops in each element just for this matter (not leveled, but still).
If best 30 heroes are being considered in matchmaking, why not the best 30 troops?

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