SG needs to make children heroes


No, should be nine months to get, then as many years to grow to the age we want it to resemble as a real child would take to grow up. Want a 13 year old? 13 years wait. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


“No [soup] Nude for you!” :grin:


If I wasn’t a Batoli Monk I would like to have a 40th ladies heroes add to this game.
I loved this game cause it has no childich cards in it.


Serenity quest is coming… SERENITY NOW!!!


Here we go:


Is this serious? Look at all Grand theft auto games. 0 kids. But yet a bunch of kids play it. I doubt any kid will tear up for not seeing a kid hero in this. Unless they’ve been overly sensitized.

Being a major kid lover, prideful in my role as favorite uncle, i will never support the attack on kid heroes. This will NEVER be put in the game.


5* baby hero that has a special called “SURPRISE diaper!” All enemies killed.


Fortunately, the OP has an answer to your question:


Personally, i didnt wanna read 60+ replies. Just shared my opinion. Lol.

I couldnt every hit on opponents that remind me of those i care about.

If youve ever played fallout 4, the kid in there totally changed my final verdict on what side to go for. Thats my Bradly. Couldnt ever sacrifice his evem AI life over anything.


So, you didn’t really care what everybody else had to say on the subject because the thread was so long…but you though it was worth commenting anyway, which just lengthened the thread by a post? I guess I don’t understand.


I want to imagin you trying to read the Ridiculous Complaints Thread :rofl:


I sense an RTC830 looming over the horizon… :wink:


What does RTC830 mean?


It’s a joke from the Ridiculous Complaints thread, referencing a post that condensed all forum complaints to a form. It originally was located on post #830, and has since inexplicably moved to post #827.

Denizens of the thread use “RTC830” as shorthand to refer to a complaint that has no answer. :slight_smile:

Note: It should be RCT830, not RTC, as it stands for the Ridiculous Complaints Thread. It also is an internal mark of camaraderie of folks from that thread.


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This you just posted is a NO NO on this forum … Some words aint suitble on this forum please read


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I am not going to flag your post as I am sure others will. I didn’t use to flag people insulting/attacking/offending me cause of the different culture I came from, maybe taking some thing regular as offend/insult/attack but it could be fine with others so I let others to manage it for me.
But I just wanna say that i don’t like the way you talked to me.
PS; I am not a MOD.


Ameonna reminds me so much of…

,that I have a hard time not seeing her as child because of it lol.

I find her so visually similar in design and pose that I just consider her to be Samara but 3-4 years older and in a funeral kimono :rofl:


Lol your terrible! Lol I’ll take her horrible decrepit body over mine any day!!
Although your post was right on.