SG Needs a Nerf. Who agrees?

Come on fellas let all out in this post don’t ya think SG or Zynga or whoever it is in control is doing the most?.

Think about Month after month New heroes and events, new nerfs, New BS. What ya think?

I think this very topic alone has died ten thousand deaths LOL


You can nerph them yourself by leaving your alliance then uninstalling the game. Voila.


10001 deaths… I stand corrected :popcorn:
#nerfThis and #INeedANerf


When Natalie Merchant left 10,000 maniacs I really think the band should have renamed to 9,999 maniacs.


Maybe the problem is they need a buff so they can better balance things.

Don’t take it too seriously…. :sweat_smile:

Well Imm juat saying… everyone is asking for nerfs and so why not ask to nerf SG or Zynga? :sweat_smile:

Agree. Uninstalling the app is the best nerf If players wants to nerf Zynga/SGG.

No Spend takes time to gain traction, and even longer to show results.

Shall we put it in the burn book?