SG management don’t put HOTM stats and info hereafter in forum

After testing beta u release and now u gonna nerf telluria and vela so please don’t put any HOTM info from July onwards here , do what u want because our feedback is useless and u did what u think .


If you prefer not to see upcoming Hero stats and other pre-release information, you can Mute the #beta-beat tag.

Follow the directions here, but use #beta-beat instead of #hero-balance : 🔔 Watching or Ignoring Hero Balance/Buff/Nerf Threads


Hi @zephyr1 can u tell one thing someone request buff JF and some request nerf Telluria and not sure who request nerf vela but y ur higher officers ( poor Small Giant management ) only see the nerf and not the buff ?

This is pure guesswork on my part, but i think:

  • They see all the buff/nerf discussions on the forums
  • They probably also track a lot of info internally, and see what’s actually going on in the game.

That second part probably is what led them to conclude that

  • it’s a good idea to nerf Telly and Vela (i saw a lot of nerf requests for both), largely because of how overwhelmingly they’re used in defense lineups (and perhaps in offense too?).
  • It’s not necessary to buff JF, because he also gets a pretty good amount of use, despite the buff requests on the forum.

But they are overnerfing both Telly and Vela, and it is not good.

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Did SG hire u to write this post ?

Maybe. We’ll see. This is their first attempt at a beta test. I won’t be surprised at all if these aren’t the final decisions.


I enjoy those discussions. Probably are the ones that i like most.

Also i find that those threads equalize all the players giving them the same info from what’s Going on on beta and therefore giving them info to manage better their resources


Huh? lol no. I have Telly and Vela. I love them both. I have JF too, but not done leveling him yet. these changes are unequivocally bad for me and my roster. Just suggesting what I think is probably going on.

As for my personal feelings, I do think these initial nerfs in beta go a bit too far, but I also think it’s probably best for overall game balance that they do SOMEthing like this.


Hi bro can u share ur green and blue legendary heroes roster ? Plz see mine ( I made telluria +1 )

May be more Beta testing should be done before heroes are released and players spend their money to obtain them and ascend them. I understand their terms of service allow it, but that doesnt make it a good practice. And if a hero is found to be too strong later maybe you make it a 6 star hero, or create more new powerful heros for the advanced/longstanding players who need new variety amongst their ranks.

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I think it might be best not to allow the full general public to see the changing stats through beta. Had no one seen what JF was before in his initial form, I dont think as many people would be clamoring for a buff. Hes really good as is. I know you can choose not to look, but it’s like telling children not to peek at Christmas presents. They’re going to peek.


Once again, it is not about the beta testers. We provide lots of feedback. However, what SG does with this feedback is totally and only up to them. Please keep this in mind. :slight_smile:



I think they deliberately put a substantial nerf of Vela and Tellu into the first iteration of v.30 beta to better compare them to the initial version.

It’s not unlikely that in the final version Tellu has only two effects (mana reduction and either minions or HoT) nerfed and Vela retains some of her extra damage to red (like 40% or so).

This would already help rebalancing the current game meta and on the other hand not enrage Tellu/Vela owners too much as both would still be pretty awesome :slightly_smiling_face:

I think the currently tested version of Tellu would have been perfect if she had been released like this from start on. Two/Four months after releasing, I think both Vela and Tellu’s nerf would be a bit too harsh.

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Sure thing. Easier for me to just share all greens and blues, so see below. (Also working on leveling Morgan Le Fay, Brynhild, Mireweave, and Chick Jr., not pictured.)


Thanks bro and see u have more choices eventhough u don’t want telluria and vela , but think about me and non -spender players ? Be in our side and share your thought honestly please .

Not sure what you mean here?

I actually have a second account, which I don’t spend any money on (except VIP and POV). It doesn’t have Telly or Vela (or JF), but it gives me the right perspective at least, I think. If that account DID have Telly/Vela, and I had invested a lot of resources into both of them, I would definitely be nervous about the nerfs that are currently being considered in Beta. But, I would still be withholding judgment until we see what they finally decide.

If that’s what ends up happening, both of them will still be very strong heroes (in fact I would most likely still want my main account’s alliance to keep them in all our war defenses), but it would also be good for the overall health/balance of the game, because they wouldn’t be quite as monstrous as they are now.


I still think it’s a good idea to allow open discussions on coming heroes’ stats and skills, it also allows players in the forum to share valuable ideas and suggestions, this in itself imo is a brilliant efforts put together by the Mods and SG, however, the final decisions on the final stat of heroes at production still lie with the devs.

I absolutely agree. And I’m certain that is the intent. But the whole community is a second layer on top of beta already and “we” (the whole community) are the ones having issues with having this inside information.

Whether I agree or disagree with meta rebalance, I, along with my fellow Beta testers, am working diligently to provide SG with detailed observations on our testing of different versions of ALL the heroes who have been proposed to receive nerfs/buffs. It’s been my pleasure & great responsibility to volunteer to provide feedback on the many different aspects of the game. SG has been very responsive regarding our various requests, and I’m confident that they’ll ultimately make a reasonable rebalance, even though they can’t please everyone. We are taking our testing responsibility very seriously.

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