SG Make recruit offer Please! 10k gems with 1k recruits for 100 $ or 100€

I Need recruits for powerfeeding. Make every 6 month an offer with 10k gems plus 1k recruits plus one 4* item like telescope or so. I would buy it.

Where would you lodge 1K recruits? And how come you’re being limited by recruits in the first place? If your willing to buy recruits, then buy refills of world energy instead.


Exactly, if you need recruits, use or buy world energy and farm 8-7.

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I have so many recruits I bank them in TC20.

I want to spend my gems for summons and Not for World energy :wink:

But your idea was to spend gems for recruits…ahhh, I’m so confused.

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With the gems from that offer i would summon heroes and with recruits i would powerlevel them :wink:

Doesn’t want to grind would be my guess.