SG, make new games for our Heroe$ to play!

The primary reason players keep playing this cheesy game is the hundreds of millions of dollars invested in their heroes.

Why not create new RPGs for our heroes to play?

  • Role play beyond E&P’s childish cartoon hero banter in another venue.
  • Combat games that feature hero vs hero battles which don’t involve match 3.

I’m sure SG & its millions of customers can use their imagination to add to this list & I hope you do so.

What new games would YOU like your heroe$ to play? (anything goes;)

I agree with you but I also am struggling to come up with ways to help this idea.

I can play a match 3 type game anywhere, but I am obsessed with this game because I love the different heroes, I am invested in capturing and leveling them all, and I like the world they have created.

I really feel like this E&P universe could be extended just like so many other fandoms out there. I would love if this got big enough to have tournaments like Pokémon or Magic the gathering has! I would love to see more of the world and characters invested in to create more lore and history.

I feel like this game has a ton of potential to expand like Pokémon, Magic, WoW, etc. but there is not enough people invested to hearing what the community feels about the game and actively trying to improve it further. I feel like SG does the bare minimum to improve things to make it seem like they are active and yet they remain as greedy as ever with super high prices for gems/pulls and too low of percentages to get good heroes/AM.

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Wilbur + Mok-Arr = a more exciting Surfing competition

Hel + Grimm - a death metal version of Rock Star

Santana + Aeron = a much more adult version of the traditional ‘dungeon crawl’…

Lianna + Rudolph = a nice relaxed hunt

Alasie + Frida = a much less relaxed hunt

Obakan + Inari = A VERY disturbing hunt

Tarlak- start a cricket team

Poseidon - Olympic Javalin.


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