SG ... Keep it up! Thanks!


Hi all SG staff …

Just want to say the direction is an awesome one.

Firstly the Valentines offer that I my eyes can easily become a monthly offer to all, it is soooo great.

Secondly the placing of the emblem rewards for the event, where everyone can get their hands on it.

From a F2P player perspective, these assist them hugely. I am a paying player and just the option of giving back to f2p players as well as seeing them also get the goodies is gold in my book.

Brilliant and keep up this trend and direction!

Thank You SG for Doing this right

All that, plus:

  • Gloves on the Epic and Legendary completion — which are sorely less common amongst the other Challenge Events

  • For C2P, the usual 200 gems Challenge Event offer is capped at 10 stock instead of 4; since these are amongst the cheapest price point and best price for gems typically offered, I see that as a nice win too for lower spenders


I guess the devs should positiv things from our side from time to time, thanks for that. I enjoy playing, too. Of course there are things I dislike like field aid but that’s part of the game and overall I still love E&P and play dayly.


I agree with every word… thanks SG


I am also very happy with this start of the day. Takes away the sourness of not so good pulls for some.

Actually, I always thought that giving more would benefit SG greatly! Thanks for heading in the right direction.


Don’t forget to mention the fact that they added TWO gloves to the event completion rewards! The ratio of compasses to gloves from these events is now 5:3, which is much more even.


Some good stuff from Small Giant lately. And the valentines offer si just awesome. I hope they will implement the same idea with other offers as well. Keep it up guys @Petri @mhalttu and the rest of the team.


As this is the first new event since emblems have came out. I am very excited that there are emblems in the completion rewards, but nowhere else in the Top X rewards. I think this encourages people to take part in every level of the event while making sure perennial powerhouses don’t run away in talent progression.


I agree - though a thorough rebalancing of the rewards should happen so we get one per, in my opinion.

The valentines offer is amazing!


Yeah a very nice gesture SG…well done…keep it that way :sweat_smile:


I just love the valentines offer and the whole alliance went totally crazy about it. Nice surprise :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Yes, I’m a very happy player today! I agree with all here! Thank you SG!