SG is Becoming Embarrassing – It’s Time for SG to Hire More Team Members

What I see in when I see the “I just might leave” posts…





I don’t know the OP, but I appreciate the sentiment.

During our AmA Tim mentioned that he really wanted tabs or something like that to help organize his heroes, but couldn’t free up the coding time to get this done. I was dumb-struck.


This is a top 10 grossing game in playstore. They make a lot of money, but I think they get high with the revenues. The last implementations they do for the game, make me think this way. Get back to work SG! Hire some professionals, or at least, stop smoking so much.:joy:

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… I see…


wars are broken or suspended constantly. when there are simultaneous global competition events the game collapses. I agree that it is no longer a penny game, a lot of money is spent by those who play. the prizes are desepcionantes. they get worse and worse. in the last 3 item chests only silver and trash tokens were given. Then they declare in interviews that they did not lower the prize levels.


@Vixx great post and so very true I agree 100%

More food for thought. You can say this over and over again SG was bought by a bigger company. You spend money to make money. I mean correct me if I’m wrong. The bigger company’s main objective is to get their money back and then some not to mention the goals or profits they expect In the game quarterly cycles/reviews.
With all the problems they are having (I don’t work there just my opinion) am I the only person that thinks there’s a more then average decline in people spending money. Again my opinion can they really afford to make mistakes like this repeatedly. I guess time will tell.

Do I want the game to fail? No I really enjoy playing.
Personally do think people are scaling back on spending? Yes. I read it alot along with threats of leaving etc…
But more so then not you have to understand and listen to your customers. You got to where you are because of them. The customer is not always right but I’m sure you have to keep like 75% of them in a good place for you to stay profitable. Now the million dollar question.
Do you believe you are in that space?


I was not a big spender by any means, but I have certainly cut back to not spending at all.

Multiple reasons, the most important being the diminishing returns on summons and the fact that after 10 months I still haven’t ascended my very first red 5* despite being active and hitting IX titan loot routinely. I have started acquiring my second round of mats for the other colours, but have no gloves. So what’s the point in me summoning more of anything?

I’ll just sit here with my TC20 running until i get bored :slight_smile:


I know Zynga has multiple games, but check Zynga stock when they purchased, and the direction it’s gone since…

Read articles of why it’s going the direction it is and almost every one will tell you it’s because this game.


So the value of the zynga group has increased by 25%? Zynga’s valuation is 9 billion ? Really? SG worth getting on for a billion ?

Of course they can do better, but the whole company was founded on small is lean and mean.

You want to up the value and earnings , well the customers’ expected service is also going to increase.

So many posts on here that I agree with , basically the game is a gold mine , it’s valued as a gold mine , and it’s being run and staffed like a startup.

I just want new featurs added reliably and often , not fault fee - that’s hard, but not QA catastrophes as recently.

Pay more people to do the job properly or more people will vote with their feet! ( and I only play while waiting for Rust ( also a tiny team) to load - which cost me 5$ in beta to buy , lol so I cannot take the game 1 billion dollar seriously in any event )

As someone who has worked for a small company that was purchased by a multi-billion dollar company, I can tell you, there may be other forces at play on how they’re able to operate (expenditures).


Agree , me too and in development as well. At the end of the day we can blame SG or Zynga for what’s going wrong , but it IS going wrong. Personally my guess would be a something like SG conditionally promised to increase the game takeup without increasing operating costs significantly. Or, the money is all being spent on their next game.


@Kayo you gave what seems to be facts but the truth in my opinion is anytime there’s a buy out stocks go up.

I have been around a few blocks and know it takes at least 18 months to 2 years to see your real return on your investment. So if they don’t see what they need or thought they were going to get in that time they FOLD.

I am hoping for the best but the reality is alot of players are not happy with the mistakes being made that should not be being made.

You pointed out what the company is worth right?

So how do you justify things like war being canceled?

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If I’m being honest?

I “Aww shucks” it and do the Raid tourney, Taltoc, titan, raid and monster chests, chat with the alliance, and wait for it to come back.

It’s not my belief that Wars have gone away.


If that’s the case, then remind me to purchase short term stocks in every company buy out. Not being facetious.


I see everyone try to find some noble cause for all the bad things happening in this game. I think is just lack of profesionalism and interest from the devs. They don’t give a ■■■■ anymore after they take the big fish from zynga. They working on a new project and this game I think is like a mini job for them. Embarrassing is not the right word in this case… This game becomes a beta version lately.We test their stupid ideas in war matchmaking for 6 months, even if in this forum I hear the Ideea of the current system from day 1.But, no, they try the easy way, aliance score, titan score, only to skip some extra work. I think this will happen again with this tournaments. If they keep things like this, and don’t care about the quality of gameplay anymore the game will die slowly. The competition is high in this bussiness, and when you deliver a bad or a broken product, you will be punished after some time.


Over the last five days, from monster and raid chests as well as Titan loot (6* Titans), I have received 4 magic orbs, 2 mysterious tonics and 1 epic hero token. This is RNG at it’s finest. They come in spurts. I know a dry spell will come. When it happens, I won’t be blaming SG, and I won’t be making wild conspiracy theories about them nerfing rewards and not telling anybody. It is just RNG.


@discobot roll 10d5

Twenty somethings