SG is Becoming Embarrassing – It’s Time for SG to Hire More Team Members

I think it’s time for SG to hire more team members to properly build out content. The ‘aww shucks’ we’re just a small development team excuse is wearing extremely thin. SG’s proper testing an rolling out of content is horrible. You are now a $500 million dollar game not a scrappy start up that can be given breaks. Spend more money reinvesting in your cash cow!

The number of blunders over the last 3-4 months in astonishing. I play on a top 100 team and have invested probably to much but if this *** continues myself and i’m sure many other will migrate. You are 1 of 1,000’s of options in the app store, don’t forget it.

Also, work on your crappy communication with some actual staff, the volunteers here are great but again this is a garbage out for a product of this size.


And all they gave as a “Im sorry” prize was a raid token??? WTF??? How about a lot more loot !!!


My alt isn’t in an alliance and it got the we’re sorry flask for the cancelled war.


They don’t give a ■■■■ for players i have problems with game and send mesages to support and gues what happened?

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Sign up for an account and post comments on the support case asking for status updates. be sure to sign up with the same email address linked to your game account.


They won’t get another penny of my money!! As of today I am officially F2P. I like the game but I’ve had enough of the silliness. Consider this:

  1. SG destroyed the loot from tournaments
  2. SG cancelled yet another war, which is one of the best opportunities for good loot through the war chest.
  3. SG gave a flask to “compensate”

I’ve been playing this game for over a year now. I remember twice last fall when the screwed up badly (once with alliance wars and once with the rollout of a game update) and we were at least compensated with generating extra rare quests each time.

Now, I’m sure in the next couple days that another “epic offer” will roll around. They never seem to have problems with those…

  1. The tournament loot cut is temporary. Once the bugs are worked out, it will be improved.

  2. Wars had a critical bug this morning. There is a pinned topic in the bugs forum to explain. SG acted quickly before things got out of hand.

I understand each straw can break the camel’s back, but both of these are temporary.


This is a sad thread.

Thanks @Rushfan1974 for pointing out the the PINNED bug thread.




I think it should be closed. It is not productive.


I disagree. If people want to vent, let them. It’s your option to come and read this stuff, just like it was mine, and you need to accept that these are real people that feel really strongly. Leave them be and go about your business.


I can respect your approach with it, and there are a lot of other people that know how to express disappointment in a reasonable way, but it gets to a point when enough people are throwing eggshells on the ground you walk on that you kinda just want to say “Pick your ■■■■ up, this used to be a fun place to walk and we’re tired of walking around on your garbage.”

There are plenty of woe is me and vent threads dedicated for the company it likes to keep. It’s like smoking in the non-smoking section just to prove a point that you smoke and this restaurant sucks, “get used to it.” No, it’s toxic, and we’re trying to enjoy our meals. Most of the community here wants to get game help, get updates, exchange ideas, enjoy the company and have some fun with each other while we’re at it.

These aren’t “General Discussions” we’re having here. Maybe there needs to be a whole category for Vents, since the designated threads that’s aren’t working. Put it between Community Content and Foreign Languages.

That’s just me venting, though. I guess leave me be and go about your business.


Yep, so long as it’s civil, venting, complaining, criticizing the game, etc. are all allowed — even if they’re not perceived by others to be productive.


Well well well it seems that complain is every were, as long as I am enjoying the game and it makes me excited in waking up each morning that upon opening my game there is something new to look forward (unexpected good loot sometimes, good gift from mystic vision, even good tiles in raid and in titan attact etc), Ill stay playing.


“I play on a top 100 team and have invested probably to much but if this *** continues myself and i’m sure many other will migrate. You are 1 of 1,000’s of options in the app store, don’t forget it.”

I have yet to see a game upended by threats like these. The marketing of this game is actually quite good so if you or anyone else leaves, you will just be replaced by someone else who eventually spends. It’s how these games survive; they can afford to lose players because new ones almost always end up replacing them.

We know for a fact that the issue is being addressed. In the overall life cycle of the game, I do not believe there have been extreme systemic issues that have completely undermined the integrity of the game itself. As I stated on another thread, I am a veteran of games like these and have experienced game shattering issues that were never dealt with while new content was constantly pushed out regardless of the player community expressing severe concerns. I have not observed anything like that here. There are issues that pop up here and there but nothing absolutely game breaking or trust destroying. They immediately communicated and got to work on the issue. If that doesn’t communicate care and concern, maybe consider moving on to another game.


What about proper testing and designing features before rolling them out to production? With so many issues coming up recently, paired with lack of clarity in communication, it just leave a bad impression that they don’t care about the quality of the game.

It can’t be THAT hard for a company the size of SG to step up the game.

  1. The size of the beta testing group is small compared to the overall player base. What hits us cannot be fully known until it actually hits us; this would stay the same even if the beta testing group was higher in number. Why? See point number two.
  2. Sometimes, no matter how much you test, you cannot foresee how every line of code will in fact interact with a new piece of code when it is introduced. To be clear here, we are talking about millions of lines of code. Systems theory on its own will tell you it’s impossible to know every latent and dysfunctional manifestation that results from introducing something new into an already established system. That theory plays out every time something new is introduced. That isn’t a sign of incompetence, just a reality of how system’s interactions work.
  3. The devs genuinely do care about the game they have created, play it themselves, and want everyone to enjoy the game too. You can reference the times they have directly interacted with the community to understand why. A recent AMA gives a good amount of insight into this.

last time when they cancel war they give you a rare quest. Now it’s a pathetic flask


My apologies to any of you if your statements about negativity were directed at me. I am a positive person in pretty much everything. So I’ll try not to comment further on the forum if I’m negative. I hope the best for each of you and wish me luck as I change over to F2P. Who knows, maybe I’ll enjoy it more?! Here’s to hoping that each of your voices can make positive changes in the game! :slight_smile:


Sorry, I disagree. The OP states very clear issues and action items:

Particularly in the context of SGG hiring a new parallel team to build out Puzzle Combat, it’s clear that (a) they have the financial resources to hire and (b) they are able to attract qualified talent. The decision to keep the E&P,team small is, therefore, only explicable as a choice driven either by the bottom line or some mis-guided sense of “small and lean”. Small is not a virtue; “right-sized” is, but the OP makes the case that the current team is not able to deliver reasonably expected content development and associated quality.

I agree.

When the lead developer expresses frustration that features of the GUI he wants are missing, and he can’t find anyone with time to code them, it’s a sure sign that E&P is being starved of resources.


I especially dislike the mentality of many on this forum who try to find every excuse for SG when something breaks, such as

  1. Not enough beta testers
  2. Code is complicated
  3. Company is small?
  4. It’s a just another free feature
    … blah blah
    Is it really good for the company/game overall?

If you make a mistake, you should be punished/criticized properly, reflect on your errors and avoid the same mistake again. If you keep framing it as if it is normal to have breaking issues affecting all users. Guess what? It’s guaranteed to happen again.

There are ways to address all these concerns. The problem I have is that I am not seeing SG doing near enough to address them.