SG, I'm ready to spend 50000 gems to get a 100% Guaranteed HOTM


If you like the idea …
Can you also add this as a new monthly summoning tool … in the game?

What about 70000 gems, then?

Thanks for the support.

Which old HOTM is worth throwing money at?
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a good idea when you could just buy a 5 * hero in a store!!!


Vote @maks60, pls, … vote!


$700 for 1 hero? Why…


I think it is pretty obvious. So there is a deterministic way to get a HOTM. It is obviously not meant for everyone, but if there are some who are willing to these extremes for it, why not?


In terms of implementation, however, I would not advise to have it explicitly as a “70000 gems for the HOTM” button offer. Instead, it should be that you need to have 70000 gems in your account, and then automatically summon until you get the HOTM as a bonus roll, or until 70000 gems (or another threshold at an intermediate level, say 20000 gems) have been spent, whichever comes first, and if you did not get the HOTM after spending up to the threshold level, then it automatically gives the HOTM to you. So you also get all the other heroes you would summon in-between.

There would be two advantages to this implementation:

  • the RNG of the summons does not change. This is important because we all know that if the “70000 gems for the HOTM” button offer was implemented, people will assume SG will have lowered the chances for the HOTM even more to force people to go for this offer.
  • you get much more value for the insane amount of money you’ve spent to get the 70000 gems in the first place.

So it boils down to setting a limit on how unlucky you get for a price.


The objectives of this feature is to AVOID repeating the summoning process for “a chance to have a HOTM” to an immediate 100% chance to have one at the press of one button. The 50000 gems is the the initial cost, and as you said, to set off the “unlucky” process.

And at the addition of 20000(?) gems, so the cost now is up to 70000 gems, you can SELECT a HOTM from the pool of HOTMs.

I’d rather stay positive.

So in summary:

50000 gems = A 100% Guaranteed HOTM.
70000 gems = A 100% Guaranteed HOTM from all of the game’s available HOTMs.


Empires & Puzzles S2: The 101 Atlantis Pulls + the 9 Bonus Ascension Chest Loots!

It can be one button, but I still think it should run the “standard summon portal” (maybe you can accelerate it so you don’t have to see all the pulls, and just collect the outcome), just to avoid people thinking the summon portal was nerfed to push people towards these more expensive options.

I admire your concept of staying positive, but just look at the latest person calling it a bug when they did not get the HOTM after “only” 33 pulls.

I agree it would be nice to have an option to pick which HOTM you get for an extra cost. But I think it should be more generally the case that one does not necessarily get one specific hero, but rather a hero to choose from a given color and star number (or heroes could be also categorized based on their special skills and you get to pick for instance from any of the three heroes with the Ramming Pulverizer special). This would save a lot of grief and complaints about the game.


Well,… we both are in agreement.
Let’s agree to leave the technicalities on how it can be done to the developers.



That appears to be Skittles who has gone turbo and is about the wreck the internet.


If people are willing to spend $700 on one hotm, what says they wont spend more if they dont get the hotm? Think it would be more profitable for devs not to have that feature


I think you are going too far… that’s too much for one hero. Do not let them silly ideas like this… to be fair they should give us a 5 * hero with 10 pulls at least, it is real money what are we talking about.


Guess what @Animapain, I just made 20 Epic summon pulls and got… 2 x Khiona (Sep. HOTM) … One on the 6th pull and the other on the 15th pull… which means that I got a HOTM on every 10 pulls!

Check out this Video for the pulls!


Now does this mean that the proposed feature of a guaranteed 100% HOTM at the cost of 50000 gems is not valid anymore?


But I would’ve used this feature next if I didn’t get this HOTM in those 20 pulls … by forcing the hand of fate… harder!

Thank you,


Just the place for a Snark! I have said it once

If I hypothetically thought SG would implement direct hero buying I wouldn’t be for this idea in particular. This one defeats the purpose of them being “heroes of the month.” If they’re all available together and you don’t have to be “on time” to get the one you want before your next small chance of getting it rolls around then they aren’t heroes of the month at all— they’re just “limited edition legendaries”. So unless this was available like as once a year/annual thing (ex: like to ring in new years or something) that’s available for a couple weeks or so, I can’t really get behind idea unless they recylcle the idea of hotm for just “limited edition legendaries”

Besides that Im not against atleast semi-limited direct hero buying. I actually think its a decent offering for those willing to pay a high price and could have a place in the game if SG handled properly. Im just not holding out hope for SG to implement it. Gut feeling is they wont even if it would be nice.


@Decorum, do you know how gorgeous you are when you don’t put others in … defensive mode?
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Am I experiencing a Stockholm syndrome … symptoms?


In attempt of being a tad sassy while simitaneously witty, I think benign masochism would be a more seemless analogy. Even when used as a metaphor/hyperbole not enough parallells can be drawn with stockholm syndrome.

Just the place for a Snark! I have said it once

Everyone who doesn’t have him, … eagerly wants the same.


Will SGG consider this … Request?!


I believe that the first time there will be a guaranteed purchase, this game will die.

One thing that keeps the the f2p and c2p play anchored to E&P is exactly that “in theory” they could get exactly the same thing as top spender with the proper luck and time.

To them getting a HoTM with just 300 gems is a great victory over those who got it spending thousands and thousands gems.

Knowing that someone could get exactly what they want just by spending a fixed amount of gems will drive them away.

The fact that the time needed to get a hotm for a f2p may be close to infinite, doesn’t matter: what counts is the knowledge that even top spenders are subject to the RNG will.

Please, never, never implement a hero “shop”!


I’m not diminishing the idea here, but do we have any record of someone spending 50,000 gems and NOT getting hotm?? Te month I most spent was $400 trying Guinevere. It gave me around 160 summons. I didn’t get her obviously but I ended up with SEVEN hotm (I don’t remember who it was, but I got seven drakes, graves and gregorians).
So honestly I don’t believe someone would or SHOULD spend it for one hero