SG hero buff more than once?

  • Thorne : Stats adjusted for slightly stronger attack and slightly weaker defense
  • Thorne: Increased special damage from 445% to 460%
  • Thorne: HP stat decreased from 1421 to 1339, Attack stat increased from 605 to 638. Direct damage increased from 460% to 480%.

Thorne already got buffed more than once so ther’s a chance that already buffed heroes could be buffed again.


Kadilen is another example. Her special dmg percentage has been increased twice.


Until the special is buffed in a truly special wY (pun intended), these are going to be insignificant tweaks. Has SG ever added other factors in special skill besides percentage changes? For example, has there ever been a buff in the past such that a special changed from “deals 450% damage” to “1. Deals 450% damage. 2. Reduces mana by 15%” ? Has a hero ever beed buffed from average to fast?

Only a rabbits got speed bumps and Aegir got a rework.
Domitia got an increased dispel range.

  • Master Lepus - Special defense reduction from -25% to -20%, mana speed from average to fast, base attack slightly increased;
  • Jack O’Hare - Special defense reduction from -25% to -20%, mana speed from slow to fast, base attack slightly increased;
  • Squire Wabbit - Special defense reduction from -25% to -20%, base attack slightly increased;
  • Aegir: Removed +54% defense against Nature buff. Added +30% defense buff. All buffs affect all allies.
  • Domitia: Increased the radius of opponent buff removal from single enemy to a group of enemies

I hear Aegir is good now. There is hope.

Is there a place in the forum where buff / nerf announcements are made? Would be useful to subscribe to that topic.

You should subscribe the entire #news-announcements section:


In the version notes under news and updates.

I’d suggest checking that category once every couple days to see if there’s anything new.


This very helpful article by @Gryphonknight describes how to subscribe to the #news-announcements section so you get a notification on the forum if there has been a new announcement or news item posted:

[Subscribe] Subscribing to the #news-announcements section - update with Beta applications


If you guys think there’s going to be any future rebalance of heroes you haven’t been following the new Costumes feature thread. Going forward if you want to improve a season one hero you’ll have to get a costume for the hero AND train that costume just like you train a regular hero.

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We also send an in-game message when a major update has been released. It should always contain a link to the release notes as well.

You can find also all the release notes here:

Some of the older release notes are only available here on the forum under the mentioned #news-announcements category.


Thank you for the reference to that thread. The costume feature seems very effort intensive - I’ll need to:

  1. Hope I get a Thorne costume (what ever small percentage chance)
  2. Spend time and resources to feed the costume.

I might as well hope for a new hero and pull for a new hero instead of spending gems for a costume! Unless I don’t understand how costumes work?

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I might as well hope for a new hero and pull for a new hero instead of spending gems for a costume! Unless I don’t understand how costumes work?

I wish I could chat with a product designer at SGG/Zynga.

It seems so obvious that purely cosmetic skins are a money maker for games like Fortnite or League of Legends. I can’t understand why SGG/Zynga would add confusion and grinding to the simple charm of a skin for your favorite heroes. I just don’t get it.

Maybe the probability of pulling skins is generous and the grind required to level them is reduced compared to normal heroes, but that’s not the impression I got researching costumes.

The current information makes them seem like a dud feature. Why would I want to blow mats on a Joon skin that doesn’t look much better, and doesn’t perform much better, than regular Joon? Surely it’s better to pull and max Inari or some such. The game theoretics don’t add up.

It just makes me sigh. There’s so much room to play with classic skins - upgrades to your beloved hero’s appearance. There’s so little appeal to a confusing, grind-driven skin.

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Hoping it will beat my expectations. I wish they’d introduce more group action / alliance related features instead.

Thorne and Richard … The similarities between them are so great that you can do without Thorne completely
Richard has the advantage (stronger defense, special effects, uniforms) so that Thorn’s presence appears unnecessary … It is better to change some of his properties such as raising the attack and reducing the defense, for example, or adding additional effects to special skill

Come to think of it… you guss ever seen Richard and Thorne in the same raid at the same time?


giphy (1)

They actually did this already… original Thorne was dire

Mee atacking a red titan

Wooo a costumed thorn would be great. Let’s say a younger boy like Kingston. But in blue. Wow. Vote for thorne costume

Nevertheless, they remain very similar … even to the same category (Paladn) … there is no similarity in the rest of the colors … even after the slight modification of Thorn it seems to be of no use to him with Richard…

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