Sg have to take responsibility

I spent in the game, not always get what I want, but that’s OK. Than you play, get all heroes to max, (have 60+ 5* maxed and 28 with emblems) figger out how to get a good defense team and how to defeat others, nothing wrong yet. Than they (sg) starts to nerf heroes, where I spent emblems and items on, don’t release any hero that isn’t good, ones in game, people including me start to spent on it. Than I got a question about kadelin dodge, if a hero dispels first, like kage, lepiota or Fogg she can’t dodge imo. Simple question but what das sg, look it up in forum, we don’t no.
Well, that’s a nice answer to your costumer, that plays there game and spent to them.
I hope they will be nicer to us, players. Help us and instead to build all events that’s getting to much, to much heroes with every time more power so we spent more and more, they will consider how to get the balance back, s1 heroes are like 4* heroes now.
I hope sg read this and will response.


I’m not really sure what it is exactly that you want.

If you want to know if Kadi costume can dodge dispel heroes like kage. Yes she can, her card reads like chance to dodge special skill. Dispel is special skill so she can dodge that.

About the rest I can’t really help you, and good luck getting an answer from Sg :sweat_smile:

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Don’t hold your breath waiting for an answer from SG with any logic or knowledge. It’s not coming.

As for C Kadilen’s dodge, her card reads that she dodges special skills, all of them. Not just damage related to special skill, but she can doge debuffs, ailments, etc as well. I 100% agree she should not be able to dodge a debuff. It’s nonsensical.

If you read Margaret’s card and Kadilen’s card you can see the slight difference in how their special skills are written. Margaret can only dodge damage from a special skill. They need to adjust C Kadilen to be similar.


SG has responded on dispel

Not necessarily sure what you’re looking for though

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I think the mana speeds and original hero’s should be improved and the costume a separate ordeal.

People paid money for the original hero and since the original hero’s are not being discontinued which would be the only exception to that regards.

I’m with improving the original card.

Make the hero’s a little more on par with season 3 & season 4 but not so good as to defeat the purpose of the other hero’s and the goal of having people,

Chase after the other hero’s and having better hero’s to go after.

That’s my two cents. I think better but not surpassing & or being on equal footing to the other newer hero’s makes sense. Though make them fair enough can compete a little better.

I also agree.
It’s so annoying when the entire team dodges the buff dispell.!!
But then again, it’s a money spinner for SG, they know people will spend money trying to pull her. Probably also why her dodge rate seems far higher than it actually should be!


Her dodge rate seems far higher because when she dodged it’s annoying and we remember it very strongly.

There’s plenty of times they don’t dodge too. But that passes by.

Negative emotions are by far the stronger


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I have her and I face her all the time.

I just prefer to pay attention to what’s actually happening rather than losing, throwing a rage fit and then ranting on the forum about how the game is somehow against me.

But hey, we’ve been here before right? You keep seeing whatever you want to. Since I beat C.Kadilen quite regularly I’ll keep on filling my chests and winning :+1:


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It has everything to do with winning and losing. No one complains about things being “OP” when they win.

Only when they lose and that’s often due to a variety of factors unrelated to the heroes…but all to do with poor play.


I beg to differ.
Plenty of times I’ve written against sick dynamics whilst winning.

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I never flagged you :man_shrugging:

Someone else obviously didn’t like what you wrote.

I love that you call me out on assumptions yet that’s all you do yourself. From my own personal play I see the dodge happens about on the percentage given. Sometimes the whole team dodge and it burns because that’s probably game changing. Yet on multiple occasions I’ve seen none dodge at all. So to me the stats on the card are right. I don’t have to assume anything at all, the facts of it are printed right there.

If anyone wants to call SGG out on manipulating the percentages it’s up to you to prove them wrong with a proper data set rather than your nonsense “hunches”.

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It’s not kadelin costum, it’s not that I don’t no how to play. It’s a simple question in my support that sg don’t answer properly. That’s why I call them to take responsibility and explane exactly how it works. I had lepiota fire on lianna, she dodged in team with kadelin costum. I saw dodge, she moved and get in ghost. Next I fire, a dodge and nothing happened she dodged. But lepiota got many scales, so kadelin needs to dodge more than ones but didn’t.
I hate to go here on form, discussion with all players, takes me time. So, that’s what I mean take responsibility.

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The card says what her special does. For 3 turns all allies get a chance to dodge Special Skills.

So the sequence goes thusly:

C.Kadilen fires her special

You then fire a special.

As soon as you hit the hero to fire that triggers the Yes/No RNG check for a dodge.

Think of it as the Matrix - the gun is fired but Neo sees the bullets and tries to dodge it before it gets there. No matter the special C.Kadilens will always have that if you fire ANY special whilst the effect is active.

So today in the war when I fired Panther 2 dodged but Kadilen didn’t so then Panthers special lands and strips that buff from her. The 2 heroes flanking dodged and gained a Thorn minion as per the specials power. Because they dodged Panther the effect remains on them.

You just have to consider the order of play.

I don’t know what responsibility SGG need to take for that? It’s just working as intended

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Responsability… strange word to use talking about a company that has no limitations what so ever… they’re not held account by nobody for any in-game actions they take. There’s no responsability what so ever involved. We all went through the GTV saga, the company sold a product and in the end delivered another. Anyone asked them about it? No… except for this here forum, which is all talk… Responsability is a word that has no meaning in the SG/Zynga/whatever empire… know what I’d like to see? A chart showing how many 5* heroes were released each year… I have a feeling years III and IV are far beyond the earlier years… nevermind the insane powercreep, just numbers. Not calendar years, game years since day one…


Because of this, endless discussion in form. I made a ticket to the ones who suppose to answer, if I buy someting at the supermarket and I want to no someting, I ask and they explain. They don’t say go to the costumers and ask them. That’s my point.

And for you example, neo sees the bullets and move surval times, the dodge. Kadelin gets hit by lepiota, more than one skill. Kadelin must dodge more than ones, she is not suppose to dodge all at once.

All of those effects are part of a single special. Part A, then Part B and then Part C.

So when you hit fire that’s 1 bullet so to speak that does 3 things.

C.Kadilens special simply has a yes/no question to dodging the special skill. In this case all of it.

This differs to say a Rogue who can only dodge damage. So let’s say you fire Finley at Frigg. She can dodge the damage but will still get a defence down as she can’t dodge that part of the special.

Insee the frustration as Lepiota’s special would stop the effect but C.Kadilens special gets an opportunity to dodge the whole thing. Whereas Frigg could only dodge the damage element.

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