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This game has become…sad (trying to be professional). Sadly I have not received an ascension item in 3 to 4 weeks Except what I had to buy. I’m about done with this. Sad, I like the game but SG has got very stingy with their ascension items. I’m done. Sorry SG you’ve made this not very much fun any more. SG would consider me a Whale (in their app business) but you have made this not fun any more. Sadly, you’re making money so my complaint will fall on deaf ears.

Ascension mats have ALWAYS been super-rare. One thing that helped me when (6 months or so ago) I was feeling a similar way was keeping close track of any and all ascension mats as well as their source. It turned out, to my surprise, that I was actually getting considerably more ascension mats than I realized. After doing that for a couple months it seemed to brighten my feelings towards the game and the drop rates. Best of luck to you and hope your current luck improves.

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So you did not participate in any of the quests? Shiloh was a week ago Darts and Orb, Farholme 11/12 Gloves and Tome, 11/2 Cape and Telescop from Frostmarch.

11/7 Event Orb and Compass from Epic, Cape, Blade and Orb from Legendary

This month from Regular monster chests Orb

Element Chests Orb, cape, shield, orb, tabard

Platinum level chests Gloves, trap tools, gloves

The top 2 are gimmes , all quests and events are doable. The rest are also part of grinding.

Hard to believe you got nothing with ample available sources.

edit, left these out, that’s all of November.

Titans, trap tools, shield, Orb, Gloves,

Titan chests, tabard

Are you in an alliance, I run wadsquad we kill all 6* and an occasional 7* before getting beat back down.


I appreciate your thoughts and feedback. Yes, I participate in everything. We attack lv 10* and 11* titans and I am pretty consistently on top or in at least the top 3. I am the top person in War most of the time. I play this game all the time so I get it but in my opinion SG doesn’t have set algorithms for this game. They seem to set more of the Ascension items for paid items.

Every 10 (ish) days there is a special quest that offers these items you should have gotten 3-4 of them by now unless your not trying to earn you way though?

Sometimes rng works in your favour…


From my own experience that’s the reason why you feel like you are getting nothing. Although getting top ranks, suppostedly, gets more goodies I believe it’s so random you barely get anything good (ascension = 3-4* mats). In a little over year of playing I’ve gotten more stuff out of being rank B than rank A and A+ together. Quests and such is the main source for collecting mats, unless RNG literally loves you lol.

SG should seriously work around the %s and make a difference between ranks and, of course, titans’ levels…I feel like 6* titans’s loot was way more “attractive” than 9-11* titans’ loot.

I could really understand how it feels , you spent substantial money and time on the game , acquired many heroes do your best to participate in every events you could ( you could becasue you are already limited by mats) and yet MV , color chests are popping up good mats for others , you feel completely left out .

The system is okay to be random, but when the randomness seems not to go round , then it is not okay. The reward system also is flawed in a way. When you joined force with your alliance member to defeat Titans and you score average A, sometimes A+, and all you get is wooden shield and rugged clothes plus some pathetic banners , both from your chests and titan loots , that really sucks , and more frustrating when someone in the same Aliance scoring around B gets rare mats , you wonder what kind of reward system is that , why is the need to categorise the efforts based on high scores and not match it with proper rewards. Whatever, algorithm being used is really really flawed, and can be frustrating to players who loved the game , willing to spend time and money on the game .
Playing rolette with mats is fine but at least let the wheel take a definite partten of rolling round , some people keep seeing color chests twice a month and some dont see 1 in three months , its really lopsided .

I feel the same pain , but then I console myself , that I can limit my spending and also stop spending entirely , that I can really is my strength.

So then you can not be correct in saying you haven’t gotten any “ascension item in 3 to 4 weeks Except what I had to buy.” That simply can’t be true if you participated in everything as you say.

It’s only depend on your luck, for two weeks I collect items to last ascent Grim and Kiril. Of course I got lucky few times whit titans and war chests.

Don’t forget about the Elemental Chests! Fill up your Monster Chests and Hero Chests twice (each) per day and you should get Elemental Chests every ~10 days or so!

Granted not every Elemental Chest will give you non-farmables but the rate non-farmable Ascension Items is pretty good!

I love those Elemental Chests!!

I wish people stopped mentioning rare quests as a cornucopia of mats. With 4* mats only gotten through those quests, it would take 40 months to ascend a rainbow 5* team. It is not unreasonable at all to complain if thise itens do not come elsewhere. I do write down every single mat I receive, and in the last month, I got exactly one 4* mat - it was in an elemental chest. About that, in my past 5 elemental chests, 3 had no unfarmable at all, one had an orb and one a telescope. I also fight 10* and 11* titans, from them in the past month I got one glove, 2 orbs and 3 trap tools. We let 3 go, so that was from 27 titans. Patience has limits in what is just a game app, and grinding all day with only the prospect of getting results in more than 3 years is abusive.
This past week, 3 persons I know, all of them over level 50 and playing for more thwn a year just quit the game after absolutely no progress after 6 months. Of course, all were f2p.

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How did you arrive at your estimate of 40 months?

The most common rate of rare quest appearance I hear is once per 10 days on average. At that rate, it would take about (10 days x 7 types of quests x 6 iterations) = 420 days to get the 4* mats to ascend a rainbow team of 5* heroes. That’s not great, but (a) it’s not the only source of free 4* mats, and (b) that’s way less than 40 months.

It’s even sooner than that. A rainbow set of 6 4* AM is available every 365 days. Here is the results from the beginning. If you just look at current 2018 you get 6 of every type along with 6 tomes, and 6 damascus.


So we all got our free Shield and Darts from Marlovia right, no cost and this month.

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