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I’m just want to know if employees are allowed to play Empires & Puzzles? If they play do they have any unfair advantage over non employees? I guess the company really couldn’t stop them from playing competitively with everyone else but I’m just curious if they can or can’t.


They totally play, and i guess they get paid in ascension items :face_with_monocle:


There’s SG staff (Petri etc), then there’s unpaid volunteers (Coppersky etc.)

I’m guessing Petri et al don’t have a lot of time to play, but if they do, I suspect they are not rewarding themselves with loads of goodies, or we would see them on the leaderboard (and I never have).

I can guarantee the unpaid volunteers don’t get nada; no pay, no gems, no ascension items, no free heroes. I appreciate this, because it is then truly volunteer to our fellow players. :slight_smile:


When I was a dev at a different MMORPG, playing was not only allowed but strongly recommended. There’s really no way to spot weaknesses and opportunities like first-hand experience. As part of our compensation we were allocated (the equivalent of) some gems each month to use as we pleased as well as unlimited little freebies that couldn’t affect game play (cosmetic mods, etc.).

I have no idea if this experience is similar to SG’s policy.


I could have sworn I’d seen petri in game and he was part of a lower level alliance and his defense team was a mix of 3* and 4*, not fully ascended. But I’m only like 80% sure I’m remembering that right.


See PM, Dante. :wink:

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Volunteers? You mean players? We all play the game just like Coppersky unless there’s something I’m missing? I could be wrong I know she took time to write stuff for us players. And as far as Petri I’m almost sure when I started playing he was in the top 100 months ago…


holy crap, I never knew you could actually send PMs. LOL apologies for ignoring your other stuff, I just saw them as litle bubbles on my icon.


Coppersky and Rook both donate time moderating. If you’ve ever moderated a forum, you’ll know how much time that can absorb. Larger companies hire staff to run the forums.


To everyone thank you for enlightening me…all very interesting.


I’ve seen Petri in action in Beta - since beta is a copy of your real game (to start), he’s clearly lacking ascension materials for his mix of 4 & 5* players just like all of us at least in his defense team :slight_smile:


Thats a diversion my friend, don’t fall for it :face_with_monocle:


I mostly said it for the ascension materials joke, since you know, we all get stuck on materials at some point :slight_smile:


I played another F2P MMO for 5+ years, (which I will not reference here so this post doesn’t get bombarded with spam reports like last time) and the devs had two types of accounts public and private.

Public, with their current forum name and a gold color, was usually low level for helping out when the chat mods were on vacation or a new game play had been added (like alliance wars in Empires).

Private with a secret name to keep an ear out in alliance chat (both mercing and alliance elder) for exploits, problems, and needed improvements.

Found out last year the head of the game company had a private account in my alliance (aka guild) for all 5+ years (they knew me from their previous game an arcade style RPG on the iPhone that I wrote several walk through guides about).

So yes if you are wondering, any alliance fellow, or merc, could be a company spy. Though they are not usually the heavy player and they usually stay out of the top alliances that ban mercing (too much work to meet the minimum play requirements).


Interesting…Now I shall be eyeing all my fellow players, thinking, “Is it YOU?!” :grin:

Fun to think about.


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