SG empathy to its users, what's your experience?

imo i think SG did fine , keep in mind there are hundred and thousand players which is had their own mindset. do you think you can contain all their need ? SG need to balance all of it by their way , not by their customers , they just take suggestion and of course there wont be 100% statisfied from their customer.

if you think SG should able to do it then i suggest you to try to setup your own business first and experience it by yourself.

to answer question , my experience are good , EP is most fair game i ever played because even F2P got same chance (RNG) , it better than guarantee purchase as other games which make big spender got everything they want , but i realized many people hate SG especial when Zynga took them , what i can say , even God has haters and many blamed him/her/it but still praying , its just natural if many people hates SG too , but still playing too lol.

Confirm button, if anybody will spend more than 100 gems would solve it.

“You’re about to spend xxx gems for yyy. This transaction cannot be undone. Yes. No.”

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Many of us have clicked to use gems and been unhappy with the decision, everything ranging from buying food or metal to finish up on something or from buying ascension packs and getting no materials needed for ascension.

With that said I agree with their stance it would be unfair to reverse your purchase, doing so for you would mean they would set a precedence to reverse all purchases people were unhappy with, and that’s a bad slippery slope.

On the other side, they are very clear with what you receive for those gems, by clicking the question Mark’s they even publish the odds of receiving the stuff you would like with spent gems, so there should be very little confusion when making a purchase.

Everyone needs to make sure they make their choices based on their own desires to “gamble” with their gems, and living with bad choices is part of that.

I personally think SG does far more then other companies, by showing the odds of obtaining various things such as HOTM they are being transparent, that’s a very positive shift from the usual behavior of companies to hide all that information to attempt to drive spending against horrible odds.

The topic was not about giving back the gems or not. But if SG empathize with its users… And which was your experience…

Thanks for all your answers…
Reading all of them, my opinion is that in my case, SG DID empathize with me, because they answered politely and fast to my request. The answer was not the one I would like, but I understand why. And after this topic, it’s me the one that empathize with them… Because I think we the users tend to overreact to any change of the rules, although they may be for the good…

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Extremely poor support experience. Support representative is being extremely unhelpful and show no interest in helping to resolve a simple problem. All the support representative did was only copy/paste information already in “Help Article”, if that is all support representative do what is the point of having a support team/help desk, you might as well close the team.

Have tried to be patient and polite in all the conversation, but the support representative only interest was to close my case/ticket and tell me she cannot help. Requested assistance for more technical personnel, but was replied with there is no one that can offer assistance other than her? Is your support team only 1 person answering all support tickets? There is no supervisor/specialist in the support team to escalate issues at all?

The experience is extremely poor, even the community in the forum show more interest and kindness in hoping my issue is fixed, while the staff/support from the company doesn’t seems to care.


My problem is not gem. İ bought many gem in this game. İ explained my game was too strong game. İ was playing one of the hood. Someone hacked my mail. İ tried to get mail adress back and it takes a week. At this period they tried to sell my game . İ didn’t do this but they not understanding or they don’t want to understand. Strategy is so basic. Ban to game . Player is addict and will open new game . They looking to players as money.

Of course there should be a setting to always confirm ok button. Happened to me a few times when I was tired and lost accidentally gems. Felt like someone was stealing from me

Did u know they banned game and can’t proving this? İ sent many mail and they only saying we have somethings in our hands . İ hope ur game is ban as our game. So u can understand they are fair or not

İm opening this post. Cos t i want to learn are you happy with sg customer support team. I’m pretty sure u not but i want to learn. Pls comment

Hi @Kaan2003, this is the best thread for your thoughts on the subject of support. Please don’t make further new threads on the subject :slightly_smiling_face:


SG support representative, at least the one I encounter was extremely poor. From the start, she only care about quickly copy/paste generic things that can be easily found in “Help Articles”. Does not try to understand or acknowledge the issue. I am not the only one, look at review/feedback on google, and there are many giving it 1 star cause of terrible CS support.

Also, no basic CS manners, my ticket will be marked as close regardless of my issue resolved or not, without even a basic “Do you have other issue I can help with?” etc. My ticket is constantly getting slam close. And I requested alternate representative to handle the case but will not be met, extremely terrible practice.

If all a support representative can do is copy/paste things already easily found in “Help Article”, why do they even need to exist? Close down the support team, save your company some money. No one on forum from the staff care to help facilitate anything either. so w/e. Nothing is going to change, and I doubt my issue will ever get resolved. I already moved on to something else, advice others to do the same, company/dev/support that doesn’t care, aren’t worth the time and money.

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