SG done did it again!

SE also occurs in Week One of their cycle so if not Dec 5 then it’s Nov 7 which is less than 90 days. Three 4-week cycles is not 90 days, it’s 84 days. So the two cycles, one week-based and one month-based, will never line up properly.

They did state as I recall 4 times a year for SE, and going every 4 weeks would mean five every other year.

I don’t necessarily agree with the reasoning here, I am just stating the facts as I see them. And did they ever specifically say SE was in November?

Either way, with the drop off I have been seeing in TC20 I won’t have enough dupes even by December to do more than a 10-hero exchange … AGAIN … so I will probably be skipping this … AGAIN …

Week one of the game’s 4 week calendar cycle so whenever Atlantis happens, which will be December 12th, and not 5th.

I checked my game diary.

May 30: AR / SE = Week 4 of the new 28 day cycle

Aug 22 : AR / SE = Week 4 of a 28 day cycle

VF marks the start of a new 28 day pov cycle.

Next AR : 14 November

Next Next AR : 12 December

Unless Zynga/SGG has changed their minds about the order of events (again), the earliest is 12 December if SE is to coincide with AR (as was the case for the last 2 SE)

Zynga/SGG has already released the November calendar and confirmed that there will be no SE in November. Unless they change their minds (again) ?

If November SE was not postponed, then the order would have been :

28 Feb
30 May
22 Aug
14 Nov (4x in 2022; every 12 weeks)

6 Feb 2023
1 May
24 July
16 Sept
9 Oct (5x in 2023; every 12 weeks)

That extra SE you refer to would only occur in 2023.

If you scroll up and read my post, my beef was on their non-communication of the postponement, and that it necessitated extra effort by a Forum volunteer to get Zynga/SGG to even confirm that there was no SE in November and that it will be in December, with no commitment on date.


Ah, I must have miscounted a week somewhere.

My point is, if it was only assumed it was in November and never confirmed then, was it a postponement? The issue, as always, is SG non-communication, period. (and obtuse meaning when they actually do - like does 3 months mean exactly that or 12 weeks – 4 times a year or 4-1/2 times a year?)

Whether the extra SE occured in 2022 or 2023 it would occur (and again in 2024/5). I’m sure many players would welcome it if it did. From what happened here I would assume SG/Zynga would not. So 3 months must mean exactly that.

With FS going live, I figured that Zynga/SGG would take back some freebies. An easy freebie would be to reduce frequency of SE to be affected.

When there was no SE in the November calendar, I didn’t raise a fuss about its absence. I only raised the issue of communication.

They stated : once every 3 months.

And 3 months from 22 August, say 93 days at most => 22 November at best. Unless Zynga/SGG’s definition of “month” is whatever they deem it to be.

Since it’s not in the November calendar, it would have been business civility to confirm a change in the expected order of events, with the new order of events.

And this is still my point.

I have no problem with no SE in November. I have stuff to work on. I have enough roster space. And yes, I have 20 dupes to release if there’s a worthy candidate. And I started working on the next 20 dupes.

Good for you that you now have at least 30 days more to collect more dupes, since the earliest for the next SE is 1 December.

In case you are still not convinced why players assumed November would have SE:

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I was ok w/ the postponement to Dec, but then this morning it showed up in my game. Did the postponement announcement not stick?

Announced that it’s back to November, check the main announcement topic

Here you go

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Nah. Zynga/SGG had a rethink and decided to squeeze SE back into November. Right between Covenant Portal (last week) and the upcoming Black Friday portal (22 Nov).

There was a fair bit of discussion in this. In the master thread.

I have a Theory that SE and Styx tower are now linked as they share the same character

Not sure if that’s been noticed/raised already but seems pretty obvious to me looking at it??

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As in the letter “S” ?

Earliest for next SE is 15 Feb 2023. Probably pushed to early March to realign to “quarterly” and avoid having SE 5x in 2023.

December Monster
January 2023 Musketeers ???
February 2023 Styx ???

Thanks! I look forward to the discussions when the offerings come out. Just as much fun to read what the forums think as it is to ponder the choice (or not to choose) myself!

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I think the character is Charon, @BlackZed


Yes this. It’s the same character so that would make the Soul Exchange work “themically” whilst Tower of Styx was on.

So my prediction is next SE will be when Styx is on