SG done did it again!

With FS going live, I figured that Zynga/SGG would take back some freebies. An easy freebie would be to reduce frequency of SE to be affected.

When there was no SE in the November calendar, I didn’t raise a fuss about its absence. I only raised the issue of communication.

They stated : once every 3 months.

And 3 months from 22 August, say 93 days at most => 22 November at best. Unless Zynga/SGG’s definition of “month” is whatever they deem it to be.

Since it’s not in the November calendar, it would have been business civility to confirm a change in the expected order of events, with the new order of events.

And this is still my point.

I have no problem with no SE in November. I have stuff to work on. I have enough roster space. And yes, I have 20 dupes to release if there’s a worthy candidate. And I started working on the next 20 dupes.

Good for you that you now have at least 30 days more to collect more dupes, since the earliest for the next SE is 1 December.

In case you are still not convinced why players assumed November would have SE:

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