SG Dev Appreciation Post : Winter's Quest


Hi SG Community,

I just wanted to take the time to appreciate the SG developers who have put their heart out in creating new content for players.

Here’s what I liked

  1. Good amount of crafting material for folks who are in desperate need of crafting items.
  2. Fresh changeup in tile mechanics. You have to plan your moves way ahead.
  3. Epic token - Need I say more?
  4. Boss ability makes the stage quite challenging for relatively new players.
  5. Daily Rewards - This is a great addition. Glad to know that the devs are listening to player requests.

Things I would like to see for the next major quest

  1. Rare ascension mats present in later stages.
  2. If possible have rewards for completing the entire quest just like the challenge quest tier completion reward.

Oh if we could also get a sneak peek of Alliance Wars that would be awesome.
(Sorry, I had to ask :slight_smile: )

Kudos SG and team!

That’s all for now! Please feel free to pitch in your thoughts to spice up this conversation!

Holiday color theme

I really enjoyed the daily awards… and 1.99 is much more justifiable spending than 9.99, probably to most. I feel like you guys tossed a lot of freebies at us, which made me very, very happy :slight_smile:

Nice work!

And nice post, @DivineDevil. I’m glad folks realize that devs are also human and appreciate recognition along with complaints.


I loved the Winter Quest for a few reasons:

  • I was completely out of a number of materials and got topped off all over with the Quest
  • I loved the ice mechanic—which was different!—I’m used to ice in puzzles locking the tile, which I hate; this was perfect.
  • The final trainer card seriously upgraded my Grimm
  • The avatar was fun (our alliance is slowly transforming into an army of snow-men!)
  • Finally, the epic token…gave me my first ever 5*! :grin: :grin: :grin:

Suffice to say, Christmas came early and I’m a happy cat.


Congrats @Rook on getting your 1st 5*!

Your persistence paid off finally.

Can I borrow your luck on 4*s ?:stuck_out_tongue: It’s gonna be a while till I hit SH 20.

I got a 4* from the token pull thereby yielding me a complete 4* team.

Hope to collect more 4*s from TC13.

@Avicious Thanks for chiming in! Always good to have appreciation reciprocated to the devs!


The timing on the craft materials was spot on with the upcoming event - which also requires a lot of crafting materials if you want to shoot for the best scores. Awesome job Dev’s!

Better winter event rewards

To all the SG genius’ I say Bravo! The crafting materials are much needed; your timing is perfection. I especially enjoy the new tile mechanic. I for one can use more training in reading the board, and this really helps.
Being a kid-at-heart I love the little gifts in my message box; something just for me, from people I admire. Thank you!


Hooray for you! I hope your patience was rewarded with the exact hero you had been longing for.:grinning:


A five is a five is a five is a five! I think I’ve been longing for Lianna or Joon, but this one will definitely serve to make me strong where I am currently weak. :wink:


Which one did you get?


breaks into Operatic aria



I have him maxed out he’s awesome :slight_smile: congrats


Aside of the token the rewards aren’t doing much for me, but I like the event for the shake up it gives. Juggling that with the rare quest, upcoming challenge event, and trying to keep the food store empty (so it doesn’t go to waste) means I have some more interesting energy management to do :slight_smile: My backpacks are actually piling up lol.

I wouldn’t mind at all a month-long event like this to be present every month. Even a higher-cost-higher-reward thing with more of the difficult stages to take on 2-3 per day. I think things like that are absolutely adding depth to the game, even if the rewards aren’t mind-blowing. Crafting stuff is nice to gather, wouldn’t mind some backpack/wooden sword stage either from the simple common stuff :slight_smile:

But yes, I like the event, and I wish it became a monthly thing. The more variety and things to do in the game, the more engaged players are, the longer the game will be alive and the more fun it will be for all of us :slight_smile:


Snow Owls with Santa Hats. Awesome. :yum:
(the reward are meh… but the santa hats - they’re COOL)


I do agree that a month long event like this every month is a good idea. It makes the game more fun.
After winter event, we could have a new year event.

The reward tree was also a good idea, with avatar being at the end instead of something that new players might have feel left out and not being able to get. Not having the avatar doesn’t make one feel too left out in the progress of the game.


…now if only it was the owl in Santa hat!


Just loving the colors and hitting the decorations! Well done, designers!


Two little things bother me about the new theme:

  1. It keeps snowing but there is no snow on the ground, just green grass.
  2. The scheme is quite dark. Would love to see a day/night difference.


I’ve seen two different versions:

  • Full night, pale aurora borealis in top left

  • Much more aurora borealis filling the top from left to right (came down below the mountain top on the right)

Don’t know if I’m imagining the difference…I don’t think so.


SG is not a huge company with a lot of manpower. They worked for this event, and if they were to make a new event every month it would take from their resources to improve other parts of the game. A big new thing they’re working on is the alliance wars. While I wouldn’t object to having a new monthly event (a long one), I’m pretty sure I want the alliance wars, too.