SG Customer unAppreciation Day: recurring

Just a reminder that back when SG announced the new “Rare Quest” Day cadence, they asserted that the number of Rare quests would be brought up to the newly reduced total by scheduling four floating Rare Quests that didn’t fall into the regular cut-back schedule, and that doing so would appear on the official calendar release

That was last September.

The February 2024 monthly event calendar is out, and at least as of yet, still no “floater” Rare announced.

(Sorry-not-sorry: I refuse to call them “extra” when the floating 4 Rares don’t even bring the new cadence up to the number of Rares in recent years. And it means that the allegedly-more-regular new “Rare Quest” Day… isn’t that much more regular than the previous schedule, given we have no idea when SG will get around to using their “discretion” to drop a floater.)

Maybe if we make enough noise, we’ll finally get one added into February?

…or March?

…or piled up at the end of a year?

…or ever?

Or, you know, we could fix this mess much more easily: #52RareQuestsAYear