SG could introduce a special Hero training camp

SG could introduce a special Hero training field, this special training field would be to upgrade heroes, because it takes a long time to evolve a 5 star hero, I have 30 heros 5 stars to upgrade and I have no resources and the way it is it’s a long time to have a 5 star hero it takes too long to evolve like this

Well iv seen enough videos of people maxing a 5* in about 30 mins and give emblems too.
There are ways to maximise what you set your training camps too. To get the best for each player.

This could be helpful

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falo de um capo especial para upar mais rápidos os heróis, como esta agora demora muito para upa herói 5 estrela

I’ve maxed a fresh 5* in 3 days at my best. This takes about 1 week of saving either tc11 or tc2 and at least 2 weeks of HA8 trainer heros. I agree way too many ways to assist in leveling them.

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I’m talking about a special cable to level heroes faster, as this now takes a long time to level 5 star heroes.
Please use English as it is fourm rules, plus it will help you as more people can understand it better.

As I put before it can be done very quickly if you need help with training camps you just have to ask. But it depends on player to player what will work for them.


If you are referring to the length of time it takes to acquire 4* ascension materials for the 4th tier of a 5* and each element. Then perhaps this YouTube video by Empire & Puzzles Books titled “18 Ways to Find 4* Ascension Materials”, will be helpful. It includes free and pay ways to get them.
If you are referring to the amount of food and recruits it takes to level a 5* hero. I’ve always thought it would make sense, if heroes gained some experience points when we use them in raids or the tournament. I also think teammate sparing would be nice. It would give players some insight on their defense team set up.
Last but not least. I don’t know what experience level you are up to and how far you are with upgrading your buildings. But the number 1 thing a player should never do is chase 5* heroes and neglect 3* and 4* heroes. Why? Because as you said. You have a bunch of 5* heroes you can’t level up, so it was pointless to have summoned them. Now instead of feeling like “yay I got a 5*”, you’re feeling like “Boooo I can’t fully level them and use them.” Focus on your 3* and 4* heroes. They will help you get the materials you need. Hope this helps and Good Luck.


This brings laughter, tears and awe all at the same time. For some of us, the thrill of pulling the hero is as much fun as finally being able to use the hero. But, of course, your wisdom of leveling 3s and 4s before worrying about 5s is spot on. The irony I see is that I feel an obligation to be a credit to my alliance family rather than a debit. You see they are amazingly smart people and players who clearly need little guidance playing. I, on the other hand, feel like I am a burden to them because try as I might there are so many things influencing how to play the game that I am forever lost and in need of having my silly hand held.

So the thing that jumps at me is if you enjoy the game…then enjoy the game. But more importantly enjoy the company of this beautiful community while enjoying the gme and learn what you can at your own pace.

I have written, read, erased, written again…again…again
You get the idea, lol.

So having said nothing really relevant, peace, love and blessings to all. May your 2021 shine bright. Happy gaming.


Sorry I’m late to the party, lol. We’ve all been there done that. Being the teammate playing catch up, was and still is one of the things I’ve enjoyed about the game. If you do your part every day than you are 100% without a doubt an asset to your alliance. It’s a two way street, helping you helps them and the alliance gets stronger. Happy gaming and may your next pull have a 4 leaf clover.


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