SG CEO interviewed before PC launch

Receiving feedback from our players is invaluable for us, so we’ve incorporated their feedback into the updates we’ve made since the soft launch.


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Saarniniemi is the SG CEO, not Zynga. Interesting interview though; I picked a couple of nuggets of hypocrisy out of that a week or two ago :wink:


These big-ego people amaze me with their belief that just because they say something people will believe it. They honestly don’t know how transparent they are.

Oops, will change title

Really ? Does he sure ? I don’t think so IMHO.

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:man_shrugging: Just quoting the article.

From what I gather puzzle combat is sgg project and not funded by zyngea in any way.

Small Giant Games was acquired by Zynga in 2018.

Contracts are different and complicated my guess zyngea has a control over e&p the game. Not the company in general. Sgg is a company than can do other projects without zyngea approval.

No, they fully bought SG

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If that number is anywhere near accurate and they STILL won’t loosen up on the summon odds and AM drop rates? :rofl::rofl:…all future discussion is an irrelevance regarding whether E&P is a P2W exercise or not.


From the interview:

"Puzzle Combat is an all-new match-three role-playing game and is a follow-up to the hit game Empires & Puzzles. Some key features of the game include the following:

  • More than 200 unique heroes for players to collect and upgrade

  • Fast-paced match-three action with special attacks unlocked by matching similar tiles in

  • unique combinations

  • Base-building designed to train your recruits and turn them into heroes, building farms and harvesting food, mining metals, crafting critical battle items and more

  • Extensive player-versus-player (PvP) raid seasons with valuable rewards

  • Cooperative alliance game modes to dismantle powerful war machines, attack rivals in team battles and dominate in team events

  • Social features, such as global and alliance chats, allow players to exchange tactics and form teams to achieve the next level of gameplay

  • Limited time events to earn unique rewards and compete against other players"

All new? Reading that, it seems they’ve done a mass copy and paste of Empires.

For the record: I have tried PC and in my opinion, it IS an almost exact replica of E&P. I saw nothing to suggest it was anything other than another massive time sink/money grab from the SG stable.

Sorry devs, but you’re seriously pushing your luck with that second effort.


I downloaded just to compare, really is a xerox!


From their perspective, why should they? It’s earned them $250M/year.

Clearly it’s working fine for them.

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If the paying public fall for the same trick twice from these developers, then maybe this thread should be the one titled “The greatest trick the Devil ever pulled”


My understanding, was an 80% non controlling stake, allowing SG independant creative license?

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Yes, it is. I downloaded too. Played a bit. It’s a money grab. Looks to me like they are trying to replicate EP’s success and create another cash cow, with a longer game life. EP’s game life would be considerably shorter by now since it’s not “fresh or novel” anymore.


Never said it wasn’t. They know, or have figured out, how to rake it the money from a gullible player base. Why change a winning formula?

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Yeah, that was my understanding too. They retain the rights to what, and how, content is developed and released into the game.

No doubt they have some corporate over seer breathing down their neck, but it’s still their baby, in essence anyway.

SG is an 80% owned subsidiary of Zynga. Not fully owned. Zynga can only account for 80% of SG’s financials for each reporting year.

This is different from actual management control. Zynga may not be able to dictate fully to SG nor stop them from creating a copy of EP

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