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I like this game, I play it way more I should. And here are some things that have to be addressed “in next release asap!”:

  1. Introduce all OLD war types in addition to current ones (this will negate rush war frustration as it will be much less repeating
  2. Remove 5 * tournaments, we use 5* for all we dont need them in trounaments, OR make counterbalance so wars would be 4 and 3 * as well
  3. PLEASE remove popups, its anoying as hell. If you have to show them ONCE per day. We have full screen of “offers”

Agree with 1&3…especially 3. I like 5* tournaments.

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Some kind of change will be added for the wars this year:
" All-New War Feature ! More information coming up later this year! "

But so far we have no further information.

I can agree with these points, but maybe players with good rooster will be unhappy if 5 star tournaments are removed…

I think 3 is highly unlikely to happen as if the offer is not shown then less people will buy those…


I don’t agree with 2. I see no issue with 5 star tournaments. They have variation so we are not always using the same team.

With wars do we really want to have a full squad of 4 and 3 stars?

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There is another approach idea to consider… make 3 separate arenas (3/4/5* arenas) with weekly tournaments.

How about an amalgam of thoughts? Cross tournaments with Mythic Titans – make it 3-4-5, but you can only choose one at the time you join the tournament.

It’s an interesting point tho.

When your 5* outnumber all of your 3 and 4’s put together. If it weren’t for tournaments… my 4’s and 3’s would all collect dust.

Even rare and epic events have gone by the wayside since they have decided to pack the calendar like a sardine can during those time frames…

And if they tier the prizes higher for 5* tourney brackets, I’ll probably feed the 3 and 4’s away.

Anything to distract from how frustrating wars can be would be a blessing.

I enjoy all tournaments. At least, when the boards aren’t providing prison love.

Pop ups are just annoying, but they’re not going anywhere. If Zynga can squeeze a penny from it, ol’ Abe could be constipated and they’ll still get their turd.

Lastly, good luck getting any feedback from these folks.

It’s been almost a year since HA was released

We were barely in season 3, now we already are into season 4, have Ninja tower, a new challenge event and another 1 coming soon, raid formations, friendly battles, limit breakers and non-season 1 costumes on the horizon. Duplicate 5* are still worth a just a little more than a 1* trainer hero and have not heard a word on what they plan to about it.

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